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Setup Pipedrive avec équipes + niveau de visibilité et plusieurs pipeline

Hello la French Team de Pipedrive, 


J'ai un sujet de paramétrage de pipedrive avec plusieurs équipes + plusieurs pipelines et plusieurs niveaux de visibilité. 

J'ai l'impression que l'outil plante car je ne peux pas transférer les deals d'un utilisateur à un autre. 

Tout le monde peut voir tous les pipelines etc.


Bref, quelqu'un a déjà touché ce type de limite ? 

Est-ce vraiment le moment de quitter pipedrive ?


À dispo pour en parler :)

Bon week-end

Commercial Real Estate Agent Assistance

I am commercial real estate agent looking to utilize this software. I mainly work in mulitfamily. Anyone have any suggestions for setting it up? Any resources people have used that they would recommend? A couple of things I would love some advice on.

  1. Where do i store information about properties? Products seems to make sense but I cant get past the tax and the per unit function.
  2. Has anyone connected PropertyRadar? I will likely use the zapier integration. 


Amit SardaCommunity Driver
Pipedrive Consultant >> Need help? Book a call (link in bio)

Pipedrive Setup Tips

Shared a few tips on how to go about setting up Pipedrive without worrying too much:


New Pipedrive Account Setup Tip

Amit SardaCommunity Driver
Pipedrive Consultant >> Need help? Book a call (link in bio)

Postal Address under Person

I can neither delete this field in Pipedrive nor can I access it in Zapier to write data to this field.

As a result, I have to create another Address field which I have to use to write to via Zapier.