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Pipedrive/Klaviyo/Shopify - seeking freelance help to set up filtering and flows

We are all small company looking for a little help to improve our Pipedrive setup in stages.ย 

In particular, pushing lead through to different lists for marketing emails is our next challenge.

Good English and a willingness to work together in a relaxed manner using Slack is ideal. For the right person irregular but long term client.

We've been badly burned in the past with subscription models so would prefer simple invoicing for time spent, either direct or through upwork, etc.

connect Shopify with pipedrive

Hi Good afternoon, ย 


I was wondering if you guys could help me in the right direction. I'm trying to connect Shopify with Pipedrive. Now every time a new customer comes to my shopify website I have to put their data in Pipedrive by hand. ย 

I was wondering if you guys knew any programs that could help me with that. I've tried Zapier so far but I didn't give us the desired result. I think the problem is that de costumers fill in their information and it ends up by "Note" It's not categorized by address or company name, this way it will end up in Pipedrive all twisted up. ย 

I hope that you guys are able to help!

Best Regards customers ย 



Shopify users! โ€” Any advice on integrating Pipedrive with Shopify to track sales?