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Signatures / e-Signatures
Signatures / e-Signatures
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Katie Moore
Director of Contract Performance - Peak Sports MGMT

Signer priority in Smart Docs/E-Signature

Does anyone know if it is possible to set a "priority" to a specific signer when using Smart Docs?

In most cases, our contracts are to be signed by the client first then by a manager/supervisor. It would be great if instead of sending a request to all signees, we could determine who must sign first and then subsequent signatures.

If this is not possible within Smart Docs are there any integrations that could accomplish this?

James Bowie
Private Lender & Real Estate Investor

e-Signature: Email CC Non-Signers and Save to Google Drive

Two requests for the new e-signature feature:

  1. Ability to send a CC email to someone that is not signing the document once everyone has signed it
  2. Automatically save the pdf document to Google Drive after it has been e-signed by all parties (just like it does with the other deal related documents created in Pipedrive).

Centralised email signature management - attempted workaround

Thought I'd share my efforts here for anyone looking to solve this problem...looks like a decent amount of people struggle with this as well.

In an attempt at a workaround for centralised, email signatures, I made email templates for each of our sales reps for them to copy and paste within PD (copy and paste from Word, Outlook, or others don't work & you have to reformat & re-add any images & links that you had originally). Copy from the template, into the Signatures editor. This was a bit more stable but the main email banner didn't load after you... (More)

How do you format the text in the signature block? (my signature in footer)

feeHow do you format the text in the signature block?  (my signature in footer) Why no WYSIWYG editor or am I missing it? Pipedrive is an awesome CRM so far. I am a newbie, but the interface is the best out there. Thank you for any input.