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Signatures / e-Signatures
Signatures / e-Signatures
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Voted for I would like this added to

Yes, a few simple fields and the ability to place the signature on pages.

For example... I need a signature specifically on a "privacy consent" form and then signatures at the end of the document confirming the contents. 


Email Signature with image - receiver not seeing an image


I have updated my email signature in Pipedrive and it contains an image. I can nicely see it when drafting an email in Pipedrive. 

When I send it, the receiver is not able to see the image in the signature. 

The image used is jpeg, I tried gif too, but no help. 


Anyone can help?

Are electronic signatures legal? Everything you need to know

Are you keen to use eSignatures but not sure where to start?

Our eSignatures guide will take you through what an eSignature is, what the benefits are and their legality in your location.

If eSignatures are a good fit for you, you can send quotes, create templates and get notifications when your contract is signed with our Smart Docs add-on.