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Signatures / e-Signatures
Signatures / e-Signatures
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Replace Smart Docs Pipedrive Logo with Custom Logo

When removing the Pipedrive branding from Smart Docs emails, it would be great to be able to replace this logo with a company-specific uploaded image. This would make for a much more professional looking and personalized experience for recipients. Not asking for all references to Pipedrive be removed, just swap out the Pipedrive logo at the top of the email with a company log.

Transfer Signature to Signed Document (Signature Field)

It would be extremely helpful to have the digital signatures captured during the signing process mapped to and transferred over to the final, signed document for presentation. I know we have the Signature and Audit pages, but forms traditionally have signature lines/fields within the document itself, and losing this requires form redesign and is also unsettling to end users. Other e-signature solutions allow for the digital signature to be presented where a traditional wet signature was captured.

HTML e-mail signature editor


This feels a bit useless because I found posts on this topic about 2 years old. 
Anyway, it would be super helpful to have an HTML editor when creating an e-mail signature. 

The creation of random signatures manually is a true nightmare for the company branding 🙈

Is there any plan for this feature in Pipedrive? 
Other than that, we are really enjoying this tool. Unfortunately thanks to this we cannot use it fully, because any time you want to send an e-mail, we need to send it via our e-mail provider. :-/ Which sucks. 

Planned: Smart Docs add on 🗂

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As you might know, recently, we’ve introduced Smart Docs: a product designed to enhance remote sales and help close deals faster. Today, we’re happy to announce that Smart Docs will be available for Essential and Advanced plan users as an add-on, including eSignatures, soon!

In a nutshell, here’s what Smart Docs allows you to do:

  • Centralize the entire documentation process: send trackable quotes, proposals and contracts from within Pipedrive and get notified upon their opening by the customer
  • Remove the Pipedrive logo from any document
  • Provide easy,... (More)