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Signatures / e-Signatures
Signatures / e-Signatures
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New: Smart Docs for Teams + unbranded Sending and Signing 📂 ✍️

You may have noticed that...

  • The feature Sales Documents is now called Smart Docs.

What new things can I do?

  • Easily share Smart Docs templates in Pipedrive, with ‘edit’ or ‘use only’ permissions
  • Use Permission Sets to restrict regular users from adding their own templates
  • Use Sales Documents ‘company settings’ to choose a company-wide shared storage location for all documents and templates
  • Remove Pipedrive logo and ‘Try it free’ button on documents shared via public link
  • Remove Pipedrive logo from e-signatures emails sent to signers.
  • Learn all about it here.

For whom?

Professional and Enterprise plan.

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Automate email with attachment from document template

I am looking to automate sending an email when a deal is moved to a new state. What i want to have happen is for a template email to be sent, and request signature on an attachment generated from my document templates. 

Karim S. Leduc
CEO & Founder, Dulcedo Management

Signature issues


Our company signature are elaborate HTML templates such as

When copying and pasting from this web page into the GMAIL signature box it has no issues...

Pipedrive should support this kind of signature! This is VERY disappointing and frustrating. Clearly a lack of oversight by Pipedrive developers.

Also note, there are no STYLING options inside the signature box? How can we add colors, change font, etc? This is absolutely a LACK 

We NEED this fixed, right now!

BaptisteSolution provider partner
Expert Pipedrive & Co-founder @BLC

Remarques sur "Sales document" et "e-signatures"

Hello les boss de Pipedrive 🇫🇷

J'ai fait un post général sur lequel je mets mes remarques sur les fonctionnalités "Sales document"  et "e-signatures".

Je ne sais pas si vous avez des remarques aussi de votre coté, on pourrait toutes les regrouper sur ce post ?
Je pourrais faire un point avec un product manager derrière, pour porter notre voix.

Voici le lien vers le post