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Email signature on Pipedrive - HTML not supported :(

It would be great to keep a consistent signature whether I'm emailing folks via Gmail or via Pipedrive. 

Immediately since setting up Pipedrive, I copied / pasted my Gmail signature into my PD Signature; unfortunately, after emailing several external contacts via PD I learned that my signature became "boxed" (see below), which of course looks awful...

Has anyone found a work around? Can we please get Pipedrive to support HTML in Signatures?



e-Signatures with "Sales Docs"!

New "Sales Docs" feature is great BUT, what is it good for if my "clients" can't sign on it and compromise "on the spot"...

This way, we would not depend on third-party services as Adobe, Docusign, and/or Hellosign ... or at least, do an integration were that document sent can be immediately signed with any of these third-party services!

Hope this helps!