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Simplii offer an all in one VoIP / Pipedrive integration fully featured to increase productivity.

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LOVE the Mobile Application - 1 request?

Hello Pipedrive Team!ย 

First, I want to quickly point out that I've never seen such an intuitive yet powerful CRM application! I'm extremely impressed on how well the Pipedrive application can handle so much data and continue to make access easy and quick, so thank you!

I'm wondering about the current integration with Whatsapp and if this is able to be replicated to other integration partners? I love the option to turn on or off Whatsapp to allow for calling into a different dialer as we'd really like to stay away from calling from our personal numbers. We've switched our org over to Simplii's integrated phone solution and we LOVE the success we've had so far but, I'm wondering if it's possible to work with partners to find a deeper mobile integration as well? I'd like to see a switch (like the whatsapp option) that can toggle my Simplii mobile application to dial out then push me back to my Pipedrive application to log the call notes. Let me know your thoughts or how we can accomplish something like this.ย 



September's New Apps Spotlight!

Check out 5 new apps featured in this month's App Spotlight.

  • Enlyft - helps B2B Sales & Marketing teams find and engage the companies most likely to buy their solutions through AI & deep account intelligence data.
  • Glances - unifies your apps in a simplified, easy-to-use customer view that provides real-time data from within any app that you are using.
  • PresentiGO - a content distribution platform for sales, with meeting reports, automatic follow-ups, and file sharing with a tracking feature.
  • Simplii - offers an all in one VoIP/Pipedrive integration fully featured to increase productivity.
  • Vxt - helps get your voicemail transcriptions and recordings directly into Pipedrive.

Incoming SMS with Keyword (TAGS) with automated response

Hello Everyone!

I've got a tough one. I'm working with a friend and trying to find a system that can integrate to Pipedrive that offers SMS in with Keyword/Tag commands. The goal is a truly integrated system but, if I have a Zapier setup, I'll be fine as well. Basically, my friend is a roofer and he currently uses Infustionsoft (Keap). They have a unique integration with a company called FixYourFunnel. On his truck, he has his business number and it says something like "Text "TRUCK" to XXXXXXXXXXX to learn more". When FixYourFunnel receives the keyword TRUCK, it asks the customer things like first and last name, and what they're looking for etc. All this populates into Infustionsoft (CRM) and tags the lead source as TRUCK. This is how my friend know's which employee to pay the commission basically. They each have their own Keyword to text in.

I can't seem to find anything that does this or similar. I don't need anything too fancy but, the goal is 1 main company number that everyone can send a text to. When they text a different keyword, they get a different response. Does anyone know of a system that can do this or similar? Let me know if you need more details and THANK YOU in advance.

***To clarify, I am in the process of switching my friend over to Pipedrive and this is why I need such a solution. Any thoughts or insight is super helpful so please let me... (More)