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how to integrate skype calls&recording to pipedrive ?

i want to integrate skype calls to deals directly from pipedrive and also the records from the call will be connected to the notes or deals or something like that  

Voted for Google Meet (automatically generate link when appointment made)

Is this coming any time soon? Would love to get rid of Calendly!

New: Microsoft Teams integration 🚀

You can install the app here.



To improve the flow of information between Pipedrive and Microsoft Teams and save you time.


What can a user do?

  • Get private or channel real-time updates in MS Teams through Pipedrive's workflow automation
  • Schedule and join video meetings in MS Teams from Pipedrive


For whom?

Real-time updates are for users in the Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans.
Scheduling video meetings is available for all Pipedrive plans - For free Microsoft Teams plans, video meetings will be created via Skype.



🧠 Learn all about Pipedrive Integration: Microsoft Teams with our Knowledge Base tutorial and our blog article: 🇬🇧 in English | 🇩🇪 auf Deutsch.

❓Do you use MS Teams? What's the first benefit this integration will bring you? Comment below.

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