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Discussion on Slack and Dealbot, the market leading comms platform to organize your company’s conversations.

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Adina FaimanCommunity Driver
Head of Business Operations @ European Innovation Academy

Activity notiification

I have a scenario where I would like to notify another user about the activities assigned to him/her preferably via email (but Slack would do as well) and this notification to contain a link directly to that deal/person/organization. Dealbot doesn't seem to provide this functionality, neither do Pipedrive inbuilt automations. Any ideas on how to achieve this? Would this be possible to do with Zapier?

Slack Channel Messages and Automations


I am trying to update a slack channel when a deal moves along our pipeline. This works fine if I am an owner, but not if anyone else does it. 

And yes, I have set it to be triggered by any user. Seems like a bug to me? Nothing wrong with the automation as it works when I do it... and the other standard automations like new deal alerts and won deal alerts work OK for everyone. 


Slack integration should have filters!

So we use multiple pipelines for our sales team and we have the slack integration setup so we can celebrate when a sale is won. However we noticed that any deal that is 'WON' in Pipedrive now goes through as a Slack notification. Ideally we would want to be able to choose which pipeline synchs with Slack for notifications and not get bombarded with hundreds of notifications. 

internal chat between Pipedrive users inside the same account

Hi people,

I think an internal chat between Pipedrive users inside the same account would be a fantastic tool to boost productivity and sales. There is a need to communicate internally on specific matters related (or not) to activities or sales process with no need to use @comments for it as the need is for instant communication. In my case, we keep going out from Pipedrive window dozens of time per day into Whats App or Slack to chat between us only because there is no available Chat in Pipedrive. More than ever in these times, people in the same... (More)