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Discussion on Slack and Dealbot, the market leading comms platform to organize your company’s conversations.

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Chatbot integration with Slack

We were using a chatbot called Chatlio on our website. We really liked the slack integration so when someone started interacting with the chatbot we got a notification in slack and could conduct the conversation through slack.

Has anyone managed to do this type of integration with the Pipedrive chatbot? I love the integration with lead generation so I want to replace Chatlio with pipedrive.

Dealbot in Slack: how to enable markup/carriage returns?



We're using Pipedrive & Slack.

I've created an automation rule that does the following:


When an Activity whose type is X has the Notes section filled in, Dealbot publishes these notes in a Slack channel.


However, these notes come with zero markup, not even carriage returns (line breaks).


Is there anything I can do for Dealbot to prettify these notes when pasting them to Slack? Thanks.

Share activity notes in slack

We share meeting results in our company both in Pipedrive and in slack. Since we don't want to duplicate content, we write meeting notes in Pipedrive and then share them in Slack in a specific channel. Currently, there is no option to just share a link to an activity which is why we started to take screenshots of the activities in Pipedrive and post them in Slack - which is quite ugly.

Is there a better way to solve this? I would love to have a direct link to the activity or something like that, which I could just simply... (More)

Send a note to public Slack channel

Would anyone else find it useful to be able to send what is written in a NOTE to a public Slack channel?

As of Dec 2020, all that is possible is the contents of a note are send via Slackbot - not a public Slack channel where multiple people can see the recently added note.

There is no Zapier workaround either.

I also added this as a Poll, will be good to see who else would find this useful.