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Discussion on Slack and Dealbot, the market leading comms platform to organize your company’s conversations.

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Slack integration should have filters!

So we use multiple pipelines for our sales team and we have the slack integration setup so we can celebrate when a sale is won. However we noticed that any deal that is 'WON' in Pipedrive now goes through as a Slack notification. Ideally we would want to be able to choose which pipeline synchs with Slack for notifications and not get bombarded with hundreds of notifications. 

internal chat between Pipedrive users inside the same account

Hi people,

I think an internal chat between Pipedrive users inside the same account would be a fantastic tool to boost productivity and sales. There is a need to communicate internally on specific matters related (or not) to activities or sales process with no need to use @comments for it as the need is for instant communication. In my case, we keep going out from Pipedrive window dozens of time per day into Whats App or Slack to chat between us only because there is no available Chat in Pipedrive. More than ever in these times, people in the same... (More)

Damien Halloran
Chief Commercial Officer

Leadbooster Bot/Live Chat notifications

Love this feature, however it appears troublesome for desktop users since you don't get notified of live chats waiting unless you have browser notifications turned on.  When do you do turn them on, you get EVERY Pipedrive notification coming through, driving you crazy! A better suggestion would be a pulsing icon showing the number of live chats waiting over the Leads Icon. 

Push notification for activity reminder

Hi there, is there any way to integrate Pipedrive with Slack so that I get a notification say 5 minutes before an activity is due?
Or even a way that Pipedrive can send a push notification when an activity is due in 5 minutes..?
I know I can set it to get a reminder sent to email an hour before but would like to be within a shorter time-frame of it being due. 
Many thanks