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Discussion on Slack and Dealbot, the market leading comms platform to organize your company’s conversations.

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Live Chat - Slack Integration ?

We currently use to engage with our website visitors directly from slack. This is super useful because I don't have to hop between systems. Most of the visitor on our website have engineering/support questions so our engineers actually answer these questions instead of sales people. since engineers are on slack, having the ability to talk to someone directly from slack is invaluable. 

I am looking at Pipedrive Live Chat feature and it looks very nice. However, I don't see any Slack integration. Am I missing something?

How to push a Pipedrive insights chart to a Slack channel

Hi PD fans! 

Can u help me with tips how can I push/visualize a PD insights chart to a Slack channel? e.g. this one. 

Comment connecter le Chat Pipedrive à Slack ?

Bonjour à tous, 

Est-ce que quelqu'un a essayé de connecter le chat pipedrive à un channel slack ? 

Le but serait de faciliter le traitement des demandes sur le site directement sur 1 endroit où toute la boite est connectée. 

Si vous avez réussi ou une autre idée, je suis preneur ;)


Bon dimanche, 


Chatbot integration with Slack

We were using a chatbot called Chatlio on our website. We really liked the slack integration so when someone started interacting with the chatbot we got a notification in slack and could conduct the conversation through slack.

Has anyone managed to do this type of integration with the Pipedrive chatbot? I love the integration with lead generation so I want to replace Chatlio with pipedrive.