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Smart Email BCC
Smart Email BCC
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Email Activity - Duplication Frustrations

For 3 years I've been using this software and I'm super frustrated that despite using the bcc when sending emails I then need to create that email as an activity then clear the activity so that it registers when I want to track the activity. This is very painful as I'm carrying out 2 actions for each activity. I was told when we started with Pipedrive that this would be a development but to date, there has been no change #frustrated 

Email history to remain in Deal when deleted in the source

Hi There,

Is there a way for the email history of a deal to stay within there once the email has been deleted from the source. 

It wouldn't need to stay in the email tab in pipedrive but the full communication history would be very helpful. 

We can archive currently but there will be a time when we need to delete emails due to storage and this means the deal will no longer show the email history. 



Adam Thomlinson
Franchise Support Manager

Please like if you would like emails to sync with Won Deals and not just Open Deals.

We mark Deals as Won as soon as the prospect has joined the company, but emails that continue to be sent between us and our customers, no longer show on the Deal Details page because the Deal Status has changed to Won. 

Secondary/Tertiary contact's email linking to deals automatically

Hi Team - I'd like to highlight a feature requirement that shall help in avoiding repetitive manual task.

If some contacts are assigned to a single deal only and there is mail communication with those contacts, then the emails should sync automatically with the particular deal.

Currently this happens only for the primary contact that is assigned to the deal. The emails from the secondary/tertiary or other contacts needs to be linked with the deal manually from the mail box. This is time consuming and can be automated.

I understand it should not be possible if a contact has more... (More)