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Smart Contact Data
Smart Contact Data
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Building scalable sales team. Switching to Pipedrive.

Using smart contact data for better workflows and efficiency.

Smart contact data seems very disconnected!. It would be great if there is an option to use the smart contact data that we get from an email or website.

a few use cases are-

  1. Create an organization from smart data captured using a person's email address
  2. Use this data to update standard and custom fields on person and organization
  3. Smart data can be auto-updated. or an option for auto-update will help to automate workflows

Any suggestions on what apps can we use to auto populate company/people fields in Pipedrive?

We have 60000+ contacts in it gets hard to have everything updated

Smart Contact Data - ability to copy / transpose to contact details

When you use the smart contact data lookup, there is no easy way to add smart contact info to a person's contact details, i.e. copy it from the smart info box to their actual saved contact details.

This would make this feature so much better.

What are your thoughts?

Steve Gardner
Global Director of Retail Partherships

We use your Smart Data Search for client records. Currently we have to 'copy/paste' the required information we want. Could we please look in to a way that this could be more seamless?