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Smart contact data
Smart contact data
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Automatically add Smart Data

It would be very useful if Pipedrive could automatically add Smart Data to contacts (rather than needing it to be done one by one.  The other CRM that we are comparing against (Streak) has this feature.

BTW Smart Data is great!

Hi @Alina Maria Weide1 

Unfortunately this is not possible. The main reason for this is because from our research generally users in Pipedrive don't work with all their data in the account. Since fetching the data and storing it is costly and increases the load on your account the decision was made to make it a manual action. I hope this explanation helps you.

Automatic Smart Data Search

Is there a way in Pipedrive that Smart Data Search is automatically run through all the contacts & organization instead of running through it contact by contact / org by org?


Obrigada! ;-) 

Sync your contacts between Pipedrive and other apps via PieSync.

Hi Sarah for PieSync here! 

We are a happy partner of Pipedrive and we help you sync your contacts in 2-ways real time between Pipedrive and a ton of other apps like HubSpot, Mailchimp, Google Contacts, outlook, ActiveCampaigne,  ...

It's a very easy 3-step set up to keep your contacts clean.

Let me know if you have any questions!