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Smart Contact Data
Smart Contact Data
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Adding revenue to Smart Contact Data?


The Smart Contact Data is a great feature, but is there any scope to add data regarding the companies revenue? I note there are some other platforms that offer this.

It would be a great addition IMO.



Smart contact data info button for all contacts

Developers! I would love a way to have the smart contact data info apply to all orgs/contacts en masse rather than having to go into each one and manually do it one by one. It's probably my favorite feature, please upvote my fellow pipedrivers!!!!

[App de la semaine] - Dropcontact

Une "app de la semaine" un peu particulière, car on va la découvrir et la challenger entièrement ensemble.
Il s'agit de "Dropcontact".

Rdv demain à 11h sur notre chaine Twitch !

Love Smart Contact Data - but can it be more actionable

The smart contact data is great, but it would be much more valuable to us if we could ;

a) have it auto-populated when something is created, and b) if we could report on Sector and Location/Country

Please make this happen!