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Smart contact data
Smart contact data
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Survey: What matters most in contact details of your leads?

We would like to help you to get the contact details of your leads easily. We have a few questions we’d really want to ask you to help us understand what matters most to our customers. Could you help us out? ✅

It shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes of your time. If you can spare the time, please add your input in this survey. The answers are anonymous, confidential, and not tracked.  

⏰ Survey closes November 27th, 1pm (GMT +2)

Thanks in advance — we really appreciate it! Every bit of input helps. 💪

Martin Pfeiffer
Media Production Company Owner, Pro Photographer

Smart Search Request to be more visual

Hello team,

my industry is in and around visual communication. Hence I consider that if a lead/client/company pays attention to a high quality webdesign or branding experience that they pass my first hurdle in terms of qualifying them as a good fit to our brand etc.

What am trying to say here is that everyone has different parameters on qualifying their leads/clients and the visual aspect can only support this decision making process.

I would like to see more visual content / captured website entrance screen / brand screenshots along with the smart search function because we memorize images so... (More)

Is Pipedrive able to recognise contact email addresses including company name and add these automatically to the company?

Smart Data Search function for Chinese

If you changed language to Chinese, Samrt Data Search failed to retrieve "smart data" for Organization or Contact.