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SMS texting
SMS texting
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[Club CRM] 🔴 On parle de "Mailigen" le module marketing de Pipedrive

Comme chaque semaine on se retrouve en live sur Twitch pour "Club CRM"
Cette semaine on parlera du marketing autour de Pipedrive, avec "Mailigen".

RDV demain à 17

Hvad bruger I som SMS reminder tool

Hej alle

Hvilken løsning bruger I til at sende automatiserede sms beskeder til kalender deltagerne? F.eks. en besked til deltagerne 10 min. før en online demo.

Vi har kigget på Calendly, men de sender beskeder fra +1 nr, og ikke +45 nr. Så vi prøver at kigge på andre muligheder. 

Come celebrate our good news 😍

Outplay has raised 2 million dollars in seed funding from Sequoia.

For those who don’t know about Outplay, we provide businesses with a sales engagement platform that helps sales teams plan, execute, track, measure, and optimize interactions between companies and their prospects across various channels.

I remember getting actively involved in this community when it was launched. And now a year later, we are the highest rated Sales Engagement tool in the Pipedrive Marketplace, that our customers love!

I want to appreciate & spotlight @Mike van der Valk & @Inês Batata for your enthusiastic support. Pipedrive has been a... (More)

SMS integration Apps??

Does anyone use a caller integration app with pipedrive that lets you send an SMS to a client and if so which one and what kind of pricing am I looking at for x1user?  Thank you