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SMS texting
SMS texting
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What Marketing Automation software do you use?


Keen to hear from others with tips and recommendations for marketing automation software that links well with Pipedrive.

We currently using ActiveCampaign and not overly delighted with it. Evaluating ActiveDemand later this week but have reservations on that.

What MA apps do you use and would you recommend them?




Steve Cox
Business Development Manager

integrated 2-way SMS for pipedrive NZ

Hi Everyone, I have progressed the idea of having a bespoke SMS (2-way) integrated solution developed for NZ - if I can get a "hands up" on who would commit to sharing the development cost, I'll ask the provider for an estimated  cost, and we can decide from there.. :) 

Incoming SMS with Keyword (TAGS) with automated response

Hello Everyone!

I've got a tough one. I'm working with a friend and trying to find a system that can integrate to Pipedrive that offers SMS in with Keyword/Tag commands. The goal is a truly integrated system but, if I have a Zapier setup, I'll be fine as well. Basically, my friend is a roofer and he currently uses Infustionsoft (Keap). They have a unique integration with a company called FixYourFunnel. On his truck, he has his business number and it says something like "Text "TRUCK" to XXXXXXXXXXX to learn more". When FixYourFunnel receives the keyword TRUCK, it asks the... (More)

Assign Roles to Participants + Automation

We have participants that can perform different roles on different deals. Being able to assign and view a role that they play in this specific deal would be really useful.

Updating participants (according to their role) on a deal takes a lot of our time. Being able to set some automation for tasks, texts and emails so that all participants in a deal could be better tracked, updated and worked with would help a ton. I know that texting and emailing may be sent to a third party for execution - I'm talking about the need for the triggers, identification... (More)