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Social Media
Social Media
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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics and join channels in the Community.

Want to know how to warm up your leads before an outreach campaign? 😎

One of the best ways to get on your prospect's radar in B2B sales before you reach out with your pitch is through social media. This is often called warming up leads.

There are so many ways you can touch base on LinkedIn - by interacting with the prospect’s content (commenting, reacting, sharing), by sending a connection request, & more. It’s a way to establish familiarity between you and the prospect, so when you pitch it's coming from a known person.

What’s more, you can use this interaction on social media as an ice-breaker or reason for outreach... (More)

Want to sell socially on Linkedin? Just watch this short video

In today’s episode, we have Jason from Jason posted something really interesting on LinkedIn about the social selling strategy for LinkedIn. If you trying to find out how to be a social selling superstar, make sure to stick for the entire 4 minutes.

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Dominique Hoogsteder
Building automations for Real Estate Agents with Pipedrive 🚀

Real Estate Add-ons for Pipedrive coming!

Hi happy Pipedrives,

Dominique here from Belgium! Yes we have been a little bit under the radar but we are deeply grinding on some new 'Real Estate' add-ons as an 3th party integrator on Pipedrive.

  • Home valuation automation
  • Create e-sign documents
  • Create brochures from your listings on auto-pilot
  • Publish to Facebook / Instagram shops (listing/products)
  • create automated links from every property and add them to your website with a coowl video chat.
  • ....

We have built flows for sales, rentals, and new build projects and now looking for Pipedrive partners to help ressel our products and strategies.

If you... (More)