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Social Media
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How do you check contact & organization social media activity and news?

I often do a scan of a contact and/or organization's social media activity and recent news prior to a call.

It's a slow manual process, even though I have I have social media connections with most of my contacts. 

Is there a tool or add-on I could use to bring together  LinkedIn/twitter/facebook/instagram etc activity as well as news/releases in one dashboard?  So that when I bring up a contact or organization I can quickly scan?


WhatsApp For Business API Solution

Hi everyone,

We have finally finished our integration with Pipedrive and are available on the marketplace.  You can find us here -

We bring the WhatsApp Business API to Pipedrive (in addition to Facebook Comments / Messenger / Twitter /Email), where you can send WhatsApp Messages directly from Pipedrive, send broadcast messages, collect inbound messages and update Pipedrive accordingly.

You can find out more here -




Hi Everyone! I'm a new user who chose Pipedrive out of many other potential solutions for its simplicity and allowing me to focus on what's important: The Pipeline!!!

I'm a solopreneur who is very active in the social media space and is based in Irvine, California. 

I've written two books on LinkedIn and have been active in the Social Selling space. If I can be of any help to you all please let me know! I'm also looking forward to seeing more social media integrations in future iteractions of Pipedrive!