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I use pipe drive to track my sales volume but I want to integrate it with my Stripe account to be able to generate reports detailing actual collected" $$$, refunds, delinquencies etc...)

Any recommendations on the best way to proceed?

Custom integration with Strip

Other than the available Zaps for Stripe and Pipedrive has anyone ever made a custom integration with Stripe? Trying to see what is possible and what is not.

Pipedrive < > Stripe via Integromat

Hey guys,
I'm just getting started with using Integromat to connect Pipedrive and Stripe and I could use some help if this is familiar territory for anyone.

I'd like Integromat to create a new deal in pipedrive each time a new trial customer is created in Stripe. I've set up the connection, and I'm getting data from Stripe into Integromat, but I'm not getting the data from related subscription record.

Is there a way to add an "Expand" modifier to the webhook setup so the extra information is sent automatically? Or do I need a subsequent lookup step to pull... (More)