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Success Stories
Success Stories

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  • How did you flip that lead that seemed lost into a deal and a signed contract?
  • What was your lightbulb moment about the best way to approach negotiation?
  • Did you ever have to make a risky split-second decision that's now part of your success strategy?

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NathanaëlPipedrive Employee
French Content Production Manager

🏆Success Story : comment une plateforme d’engagement client a mis la main sur une nouvelle source de leads
⚙️ Cliquez sur la roue dentée pour activer les sous-titres en français.

Dans cette vidéo, @David Gable de chez Kixie nous raconte comment ses commerciaux sont passés d’une stratégie d’inbound marketing à ce qu'il appelle une approche « outbound-esque » en mettant à profit leur site Internet pour acquérir de meilleurs leads.

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🏆 🇺🇸 Success Story: How a sales engagement platform cracked a new lead source
⚙️ Click the cogwheel for subtitles in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Watch the video, where @David Gable from Kixie tells us how his sales team went from relying on inbound leads to becoming what he calls “outboundish” by leveraging their website to acquire better leads.


 ➡️ Apply here to tell us your success story. You don't need to be a Pipedrive user, we just want to share your wins! 💪

Pipedrive Listed as One of the Top 100 Software Companies of 2021 🎉

We were honoured to be included in the 'Top 100 Software Companies of 2021' by The Software Report. We continue our dedication in building a robust and evolving product that helps companies meet their business goals.

“Being listed as one of the top 100 software companies of 2021 is a true honor for the whole team. Founded in 2010, Pipedrive has always had the mission of supporting SMBs in their endeavours to digitize their businesses and meet the company’s goals. As a result, we have grown together with our customers from a single tool to an intuitive, easy-to-use, and powerful... (More)

🏆 🇦🇺 Success Story: Healthcare keeping a steady heartbeat with CRM

Sober in the Country (SITC) is a rural-based grassroots charity creating social impact across Australia by making it “OK2SAYNO to beers in the bush and catching our mates before they fall through the cracks and hurdles of overcoming addiction in isolation." – Shanna Whan, CEO and Founder

@Felicity Nolen adds: "Our purpose at SITC is broad-scale advocacy and awareness around alcohol-related harm in regional and rural Australia. We do this by collaborating with Australia’s leading national charities and organisations with a similar focus, working through media outlets to advocate for the rural sector and launching our Rural Peer Support... (More)