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Can't sign in Pipedrive


When I sign in pipedrive, there is only the notice "Something went wrong. Please try again. If this keeps happening, reach out to support." showed on screen. How can I use it normally like before? 


Missing and disappearing activities?

Has anyone else been experiencing activities disappearing from their lists? I've now found two tasks that were on my activity list that are no longer there. These were linked with contacts, organizations, and deals, and these don't show up in any of those places.

I get the daily "Activity Reminder" email, and I went back to an old one and clicked on the task that is now missing. It takes me to the task detail in Pipedrive, but I can't access this activity any other way. I can even update it from there and it pushes the update to my... (More)

What happened with our progress?

why pipedrive took off goals and metrics from progress? Now we have only insights with few information but nothing like how many products you sell in the month, or if our staff archive the goals or not.

What I think about is how support teams stills have access to the progress and we not? I have some prints here from support team showing it and you can see insights still on beta.

Missing old days pipedrive.