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Pipedrive goals on the basis of e.g. tags

If I want to define goals via Pipedrive Insights, I can currently only do this on the basis of the people. 

Is it possible to link the goals with, for example, the tags of the deals?

In concrete terms, we are dealing with product groups, some of them are processed crosswise by several people. The tags should be used here to distinguish between the product groups.

Pipedrive Automations NOT Working!

I would love some assistance in what’s going on Pipedrive don’t care to answer me really on facebook or email support. Spending £99 a month on the highest plan and set automations and they have stopped working. Everything is switched on but some reason they have stopped working. Any ideas would be much appreciated!


Our instance lokad.pipedrive.com26 is super slow those dates for everybody. Each HTTP request takes about 10 seconds to complete. It's really driving everybody nuts. Any way to get this solved?

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Allow me to MINIMIZE the Intercom chat of Pipedrive - not CLOSE it entirely

When I'm seeking help from Pipedrive on a certain problem, I use the chat and it takes up a portion of the screen. This is a problem when the Intercom chat covers a section I want to get to. If I could minimize the chat (not close) that would help immensely. See pics for more comments