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Tagging and mentions
Tagging and mentions
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Edit Note Linking


when I add a note to a contact, lateron I can edit the content. But it is not possible to link the note to another person or to a deal. It would be a great relief, if you implement the same edit fields as for activities. 


Like this:

Novo recurso para servidores de Email Microsoft e menções!!

Bom dia pessoal!


Aqui esta o link para iniciarem os testes com servidores de e-mail microsoft


E vocês já estão utilizando as menções?

Se não, solicitem ao suporte para eles disponibilizarem, é realmente muito bom para troca de informações.

@ mentions not working in task notes.

Why are @ mentions only working in the notes area? Why don't they work when putting a note in  task? Could you add it to tasks as well please.