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Tagging and @-mentions
Tagging and @-mentions
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Ian Yun
Sales & Account Manager

Mention feature in Activity Memo

Pipedrive's memo mention is very useful.

But this can use only in memo, but not in Activity memo (attached screenshot below)

I can use mention in Memo.

But cannot use in activity memo.

It would be very helpful to use mention in activity memo!

How about Tags for activities, have you consider that ?

It would be great to be able to tag activities, that way you could use priority tags as well as topic related tags and then be able to sort them and act on them accordingly.



Obtain Link to Note from the Web UI

When I mention a user in a note, they get a notification with a link to that note, looking like this: https://.../organization/123?objectType=note&objectId=42

It would be very helpful, if I could obtain this link also from the web UI directly, to point someone to a note without the detour of an email notification. The objectType and objectId are even available in the HTML code already!

Mention deal

It is great that I can mention someone in a note of a deal. It would be very helpfull to have an option to also mention a deal in a note or anywhere in the text fields.