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Tagging and mentions
Tagging and mentions
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Planned: @-mentioning of your colleagues is coming!

Soon you'll be able to tag your colleagues in a note on that important deal while notifying them about your message to them. Communication is key and we want to make sure you can do this right on your important sales data.

📝Please note 📝

Pipedrive reserves the right to modify and update the features in the What's planned?  topic and does not communicate exact timelines for delivery.

@mentions in Notes (beta-testing)

We invite you to test out a beta feature on Pipedrive: @mentions in Notes.

You can @mention your team mates (users in the same Pipedrive account) in Notes (deal, person, organization notes) and they will receive an email notification about that @mention.

To have this feature enabled, please fill this form with your registered email address on Pipedrive and the name of the Pipedrive account -

This is one of the first steps we’re taking towards improving collaboration in teams within Pipedrive.

What is not available in the beta-test but is being developed at the moment:

  • In-app notifications... (More)

Hi @Marika Siniaalto6 !

Good news: this is actually a feature we're currently building and for which we recruited some voluntary users to test out an early version. See here9 and leave your name in that post or send an email to liisa.pool@pipedrive.com5 if you'd like to participate in the next round of testing. 🙂

Join our Research and Beta Testing group9 to be the first to know and get the chance to test early versions of new features coming up!

Live sur les commentaires et les mentions

Nouveau live sur la fonctionnalité BETA "Commentaires et mentions".
Rdv sur notre chaine YouTube jeudi prochain