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Tagging and @-mentions
Tagging and @-mentions
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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics and join channels in the Community.

I saw labels/tags appear some time ago.  I still haven't got my head around how I want to use them.  I like the ability to create 'standout' colours. ... access them via zapier and PD automations. .. but we would want them for multiple object types and at present they only exist in a single context which must be shared across multiple object types.  contacts/deals etc.   .. so created a few tags (labels) in the early days) ... but just couldn't see a good use for them given this constraint. 

To be honest, I would rather have the ability to assign colours to multi-value custom field entries. 

tags & Mentions in Leads

It would be extremely helpful to be able to put tags and mentions in lead notes and activities.

Thank you

@-mentions: converting to Activities

Our marketing manager used the new Mention feature to tag me in Notes for a number of Contacts - great feature, keep it going. 

However, I tried to set up a filter to group those Contacts but filters don't seem to pick it up?

I used Person [with] Note [contains] myname 

I tried several versions of this with and without the @ symbol but the list for that filter was empty. Am I missing something? Or is that functionality not available yet?

The desired outcome here is to create an Activity for each of those Contacts where I was tagged. I did it manually, which was fine for 5, but it would be nicer if this could be streamlined (or even automated).

@ mention whole teams

is it / would it be possible to at a team or group so that we dont have to mention lots of people in one go? and is it possible to use workflow automations to mention people?