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Task management
Task management
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Community Roundup: Volume 4 🗣️

The Sales Community has again been filled with awesome conversations between salespeople and users.

Check out the links below to see a handpicked selection of some of the most interesting discussions and join in the conversation!

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🔎 What App Are You Using for Leading Sales Meetings?

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Planned: Sales Documents for teams 📄 🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏼

Pipedrive knows that composing a proposal is in most cases a joint task involving several people in a team or organisation, sharing documents, content, insights and contributing with their knowledge to present a client with the most compelling offer.

Currently, Sales Documents doesn’t fully support this internal process that happens prior to the document being sent to the client. But that's going to change!

With Sales Documents for teams you'll be able to:

  • turn Sales Docs into a team-centred tool to close deals faster
  • guarantee that teams have the necessary access to shared drives, templates and content
  • create documents in... (More)
Øyvind Hasund Dahl
Chief Commercial Officer

Link and open tracking directly thru emails sent from Gmail

Is it possible to send emails directly from Gmail and enable link and open tracking from there instead of sending emails from Pipedrive with an extension? I know that Hubspot has this feature.


Martin Pecha
Growth Manager at COGVIO

What app are you using for leading sales meetings?

Hi Pipedrive fellows!

I am looking for a solution, how to make my sales meeting in team more effective.

I am responsible for a specific market and different products. Let say, that I have a list of countries - to each country, I prepare the actual situation, what were the tasks + propose of next steps.

I do it in google sheet + checking Pipedrive tasks and history details.

However, this is not so effective as I am lacking transparency and consistency. I do not want to write multiple notes and comments to different places.

Any recommendations or your best... (More)