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Task management
Task management
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Subtasks for deals that have complex tasks

I would love to have the ability to create subtasks for tasks.

Subtasks would have a checkbox so I could track which one's I already did and which one's to do. 

Does anyone know any posibble app that could to this, or would be ready to be integrated?

Thank you!

Recurring activities


I am looking for a way to create recurring activities for a Contact. More concretely, I would like to set e.g. monthly reminders to follow-up with certain people I have been in contact with. Is there a way to do this on Pipedrive?

Thank you!

Pipedrive Developer Platform update: App panels got interactive!

Hi everyone,

We’ve heard both from app creators and our customers that the app panels are too static and that it’s not straightforward to invoke actions to create content for the panels from there. Other pain points were the lack of object and field-specific actions and static panel error state.

Our latest updates to app extensions aim to address these shortcomings and enable you to provide a better experience to our mutual users.

What changed?

1. Main app action visible on the panel

We brought global app actions closer to users by displaying them straight on the app panel. It’s... (More)

New: Create cards, lists and boards in Trello from Pipedrive using Workflow Automation ⚙️ 🗒


We’ve made some major updates in the Pipedrive Trello integration to streamline your work processes within both tools:

  • Create cards, lists and boards in Trello from Pipedrive using Workflow Automation
  • Use Trello-related templates in Pipedrive Workflow Automation
  • Choose which Pipedrive fields to display under linked items on Trello cards (PD default fields, custom fields, notes or activities)

For whom?

Trello users that have an associated Pipedrive account can use the integration.

🧠 Learn all about the Pipedrive integration for Trello from our Knowledge Base tutorial in your preferred language.

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