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Task management
Task management
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🧠 Empty the Pipeline to Keep It Flowing - Sales Pipeline Course: Chapter 8 | 📽️ 2 mins

A clean pipeline is a healthy pipeline. 

If your pipeline is full of cold leads and non-responsive contacts, it might be time to flush it out. Identify leads that aren't going to close and leads that aren't ready but are worth following up with at a later date. Download our Sales Pipeline Course ebook too!

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Task/delivery/project management in Pipedrive.. need help?

"Edit: We've found enough people to interview, thank you all"


We are researching how we could help our customers better with managing their tasks/projects within Pipedrive. 🚀

Do you think we can do better in this regard and do you have 20-30 minutes to talk, then please book some time with me for next week via this link.

To follow our progress further join our closed community channel as well.

Talk soon 🙏 .


Har du tröttnat på att hitta ett mötesdatum som passar alla?

Vem har inte mejlat och försökt hitta en mötestid som passar båda parter? Oftast går det några vändor fram och tillbaka innan det är klart. Tar en del onödig tid, ett rent slöseri skulle jag säga.

Med Pipedrives funktion SCHEDULER eller FÖRESLÅ TIDER som det heter på svenska förenklas denna hantering.

Hur kan du läsa här.

Create a visual break between Contacts belonging to the current Organisation and others

Hi Pipedrive team,

This is a minor issue but I keep facing it :)

When on an Activity or Company card related to Company XYZ, you can do things like link the Activity to a Contact or send an email to a Contact.

When typing the Contact's name, a very helpful list of suggestions comes up. However, some of these suggestions might not be Employees belonging to Company XYZ.

For instance, let's say you have these 2 Contacts:

John Smith - Company ABC

John Smith - Company XYZ

When on Company XYZ's card, you might link an Activity or send... (More)