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Task management
Task management
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New: Create cards, lists and boards in Trello from Pipedrive using Workflow Automation ⚙️ 🗒


We’ve made some major updates in the Pipedrive Trello integration to streamline your work processes within both tools:

  • Create cards, lists and boards in Trello from Pipedrive using Workflow Automation
  • Use Trello-related templates in Pipedrive Workflow Automation
  • Choose which Pipedrive fields to display under linked items on Trello cards (PD default fields, custom fields, notes or activities)

For whom?

Trello users that have an associated Pipedrive account can use the integration.

🧠 Learn all about the Pipedrive integration for Trello from our Knowledge Base tutorial in your preferred language.

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Task/Project Management within Pipedrive

@Mike van der Valk

As we close a deal, there are a lot of post sale activities we also have to perform to deliver the product or service.

Instead of using a separate tool such as Asana or Clickup. Can a task or project management capability be built in to Pipedrive?

I understand that to some, the delivery part is done by another team and they can simply use a separate task management tool.

But having the sales and delivery activities managed in one system can make everything so simple and transparent, whether both function are done by the same... (More)

Asana Action in Workflow Automation, same as Trello

So the new workflow automation is really awesome!

As an Asana power user, it would be really helpful if we could have it trigger Asana Actions just like Trello.

Automatic saving of activities

Have anyone else lost their nerves, when you have edited the tasks/activity, e.g. made notes in customer meeting and changed window from one to another and the editing window has closed without saving and you have lost all the changes done?

Well I have and quite many times. It is also quite annoying that you can't save the activity without closing the editing window.

So please do fix this and put the auto saving of the activity on top of the backlog.