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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics, and join channels in the Community.

New: Leads Inbox - Team filters support (EN language) 📣


You can filter the Leads Inbox according to teams.


For whom?

Users of Professional and Enterprise plans, where teams are currently available.



Available now for English language customers, and gradually rolling out to all other languages soon.


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NathanaëlPipedrive Employee
French Content Production Manager

🎙️ La communauté débarque dans vos écouteurs !

Vous écoutez des podcasts sur la vente et le marketing ? Vous avez des épisodes à nous recommander ? Faites-le nous savoir dans les commentaires ou ajoutez-les à notre playlist collaborative sur Spotify ! 🎉

➡️ Pour ajouter des podcasts, il vous suffit d'enregistrer notre playlist dans votre bibliothèque. Ventes et marketing, réussite client, croissance et productivité, relaxation, team-building, travail à distance... Tous les thèmes sont les bienvenus pourvu qu’ils vous inspirent !

🎧 Notre recommandation : "Briser la glace ! La méthode 7P" de la série VENDRE de Michael Aguilar, un épisode à retrouver dans notre playlist.

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🎙️ Podcast recommendations and an exciting announcement!

 ❓ What podcasts do you listen to? What are your favorite episodes? Comment below or 🎉  add them to our official collaborative playlist on Spotify! 🎉


➡️ Adding podcasts to our collaborative playlist is easy as 1-2-3. Anything to do with sales, marketing, customer success, growth, productivity, mindfulness, team-building, remote work, in English or any other language, goes!


🎧 Our recommendation: “Clearer Thinking: Tools for creating positive habits, making better decisions, and understanding your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and self” from “You Are Not So Smart”... which you can find in our playlist.  


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Katie Moore
Director of Contract Performance - Peak Sports MGMT

Team Avatar/Logo/Icon

It would be pretty cool to give our teams their own logo, similar to adding a picture to our personal accounts.

If this already something that can be done, someone please teach me!