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Workflow and dialer integration to follow up on marketing mailers and for appointment setting

Does anyone have ideas for workflow and integration configs to automate prospecting efficiently for a solo operator consultant? 

I've looked at dialers (Phoneburner, others) and have Mailchimp account for marketing and frankly feel overwhelmed by the options. So what could a good budget to mid-level solution look like for a solo consultant making 10-15+ calls per prospect and with anywhere from 50-300 live leads?

Consulta: Respuestas de notas en Tratos.

Estimada Comunidad, 

Tengo la siguiente consulta, resulta que mi jefatura me hace seguimiento a mis tratos, donde me dejan mensajes como notas, lo cual esa nota no se puede responder sino hay que hacer otra nota  para responder. Por lo que consulto,  hay otra forma de tener una comunicación más efectiva e incluso añadir participantes en el trato en cuestión? Por ejemplo yo vengo del CRM Copper, donde al generar alguna nota al trato o servicio te llegaba un correo informando y se podían añadir participantes y generar un hilo de discusión importante.

Saludos y a cuidarse.


We operate an engineering company which relies on winning specific metalwork packages for construction projects.

In order to submit our prices to various building companies which are tendering on these projects we need to submit supply and install (sometimes supply only) quotations. 

Submitting quotations at tender stage can be fairly time consuming and we are looking at streamlining the process with pipedrive.

Is anyone here currently doing something similar?

Would love to hear from anyone currently using the platform trying to achieve something similar.