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Workflow automation Deal status closed and won


We have a long production time after we have won a deal. So I would like to add a mail automation when a deal is closed and won. 

What I would like to do is  sent out an automatic mail after 45 days when the deal status is set to WON. This is a final "you can still change something to your order mail".  I only see the option to send out a mail directly after the deal status is changed.

Is this possible? Or maybe do you have any other tips/tricks?

The #1 mistake that all sales teams make

Here's what is killing your Sales Outreach:

Paying EQUAL attention to every lead!

You see, your leads are at different stages in their buying journey. 

  • Some are ready to engage.
  • Some are passive lookers.
  • Some others might just not be interested.

How do you create a personalized and specific journey for leads in these different categories? 

How do you stay relevant to every lead? 

How do you prioritize the ones with the highest buying intent?

The answer is:

Intent-based outreach.

Click here to see how you can say the right things at the right time to EVERY prospect.

Josh Monifi
Senior Customer Engagement Specialist

Using Pipelines to Track Event Participation

Hello Pipedrivers. We are curious if any of you are using Pipedrive to track your company's participation in events. For example, we are looking to build an Event Pipeline and create Deals related to specific events. Then usher this Deal through the stages of submitting an abstract, attendee list set, registering our staff, etc etc. I'd like to hear if any of you have had success with this! Thanks

Hi everybody. For people using iPhone, dont you think its inconvenient to manual logging for incoming call? Or you all have any workaround?

I bought android phone purposely to install pipedrive on it. Im aware that Android apps can automatically logging both incoming & outgoing calls. Thats awesome for me because i work as property consultant. Lots incoming & outgoing calls happened on daily basis.

So, next year i would love to buy iPhone to replace my Google Pixel as im currently using iPad & Mac as my setup. I know that iOS limitations for automatic logging calls. 


The question is, how other pipedriver that use iPhone on daily basis logging their incoming and outgoing calls? Happy to hear your comments 😄