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Besuchsbericht mit Pipedrive möglich?

Hallo Pipedrive Channel,

ich habe eine Abteilung übernommen und möchte nun erstmalig Pipedrive als CRM nutzen und etablieren.

Da ich auch Außendienstler im Team habe, möchte ich gerne auch Besuchsberichte einführen.

Kann ich in Pipedrive irgendwie (klassische) Besuchsberichte erstellen?


Mit wem und wann getroffen, Gesprächsinhalt, Vereinbarungen, nächste Schritte, etc.

Aber vielleicht auch: Stimmung des Kunden, Erfahrungen in der Vergangenheit, Wie heißt der Hund? Wohin gehts in den nächsten Urlaub?

Wie macht Ihr das? Geht das überhaupt?

Würde mich über Input freuen.




Convert to deal

Hi everyone,

  1. We would need to access 'convert to deal' trigger as certain things should happen with the 'convert to deal' button has been created.
  2. Unable to show/hide custom fields in 'convert to deal' screen.

@Mike van der Valk 

New: turn off Activity pop-ups for Workflow Automations 🙅


Currently Workflow Automations and auto-generated follow-up activity pop-ups are duplicating functionalities: they serve the same function of automating follow-up activities. 

How does it work?

Disable the follow-up activity pop-up when there is an active Workflow Automation that creates an activity.


For whom?

Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans with active Workflow Automations. 

Only Admin users can perform this action. All users' Workflow Automations will be affected.


Learn more: 

How can I disable the follow-up activity pop-up?


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Using date field and activity type as filters

We use Pipedrive as a sales tool for an IT company. What is significant is that our customers have several different products we maintain and have implemented them at different paces and the products are handled by different experts.

We want to discuss the product situation with the customer at least once a year with the administrators of each product. This is referred to in this context as “product discussion”. In addition, we want to discuss the customer situation with the management of the customer organization every year. This is referred to in this context as “customer conversation”.

Pipedrive has... (More)