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Linking multiple Organizations to a Deal

Hej, we are operating a 2-sided matchmaking business model and would require linking 2 different organizations to 1 deal.  There could be a primary and a secondary organization. However, making this possible in anyway would be a great booster to businesses that operate a multi-sided platform.

Thanks for your feedback!

Zoom Video Conferencing is here! 📽️

You’ve been asking for it, we’ve been working full-steam to bring it to you, and now it’s finally here! And we all know we’ve all been using Zoom more than ever, right?

The seamless Zoom integration with Pipedrive makes it easy to schedule calls, invite guests, and log Zoom calls without ever leaving the Pipedrive app. Learn how to install and use it here.

Read about it in our blog here: English, Deutsch, Português, Español.

⚠️ Currently this integration doesn’t work for users with the “old” Google Calendar sync and the “old” activity modal yet... (More)

Transfer contacts to leads.

Hello there. I created deals on the contacts i have in pipedrive but they are actualy leads. This was done before the Leads function. How can i transfer the contacts from the deals to leads, WITHOUT import and the possibility of creating dupicate contacts?

Outlook Sync - Private Appointments

I have two-way sync between Pipedrive and my Outlook calendar.  It seems that if I have an appointment marked as private in Outlook, it should be hidden from other users in Pipedrive, regardless of user visibility status.  Has anyone looked into this?