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BaptisteSolution provider partner
Expert Pipedrive & Co-founder @BLC

[Club CRM 🇫🇷] - Room Clubhouse jeudi 25/2 à 12h45

On se retrouve demain pendant la pause déj pour discuter "outils".
On a appelé ça le "Club CRM 🇫🇷"

On se retrouve une fois par semaine pour partager nos astuces autour des outils marketing et CRM..

A demain


P.S. Si vous voulez co-animer dites-moi en commentaire


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Sander Tan
Business Development

Unsubscribe link for emails out of Pipedrive

For GDPR reasons, I am looking for a functionality that automatically adds an unsubscribe link to any email we send for inbound & outbound sales. Is this available within Pipedrive? If yes, how can I set this up? If not, could this be a feature that will be build in the future?

Research: What do you value most and least in Pipedrive? | Deadline: Feb 24th, 2021

What’s the most important part of a CRM to you?

Help us find out and improve Pipedrive by replying via the survey link below!

Link to the survey 🚀

The survey is open until this Wednesday 24 Feb

The survey replies are confidentially gathered and their use is strictly for internal research purposes.

(PS: if you also receive the survey in-app, don't need to reply twice 😊)