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Voted for Tour operator

I'm azhin i'm 15y old ,and i live in kurdistan

I want to be a global pilot ,I want to have information about this from now on.


Travel company

Hello,  any travel company/agency, tour operator here in the Canadian Pipedrive community.  If so would love to connect and share how we integrate Pipedrive within our workflows.

Let's help each other out! Any travel companies present?

Good afternoon,

My name is Olmo from the Netherlands and I run a travel agency. Would there be any other PD-users with a similar occupation be interested in some brainstorming in how we can make use of PD in the best possible way. I'm facing several challenges (and I might be able to help you out on others):

  • A 'large' (?) number of incoming leads (this can be 10-20 per day), how to keep that structured? Many of them will also be 'very cold' leads
  • In general: how do you go about with sending reminders to leads (after no or... (More)