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Discussion on Trello, a tool that offers boards, lists, and cards for you to organize and prioritize your projects.

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New user - CRM + task management + notes

Hi everyone, 

I am new to a company that is a client of pipedrive, but haven't really used it yet (that's my job). I am trying to figure out a few things. Any advice and guidance would be appreciated! 

  1. Pipedrive as a CRM: our deals (our own projects or partnerships with counter-parties) broadly follow: inbound lead -> dead or some amount of follow-up -> lots more follow-up -> 'won', but then live in perpetuity as something we would want to monitor and update for years following, including potential further actionable tasks relating to the 'won' deal as well as regular notes tagged to the deal.
  2. Task management: expanding here, we have many inbounds that need some amount of task management (simple tasks for reminders for follow-up calls, emails, or actionable tasks).
    1. Ex. Inbound new project (internal or external) requires me to do some analysis, reach out to a lawyer, speak to some folks internally, etc. 

The two other systems we use exclusively are G suite and Slack.

Currently, I am trying to keep track of all of my tasks in a Google Keep note, but this is amateur level and messy and not the best for collaborative task tracking.

Would love to hear what solutions others have come up with in similar situations.



Pipedrive Developer Platform update: App panels got interactive!

Hi everyone,

We’ve heard both from app creators and our customers that the app panels are too static and that it’s not straightforward to invoke actions to create content for the panels from there. Other pain points were the lack of object and field-specific actions and static panel error state.

Our latest updates to app extensions aim to address these shortcomings and enable you to provide a better experience to our mutual users.

What changed?

1. Main app action visible on the panel

We brought global app actions closer to users by displaying them straight on the app panel. It’s possible to have one main action which is always visible while the other actions are accessible from a drop-down right next to it. As one app action is shown on the panel by default, make sure it’s the right one for your app! Read more in the docs

2. Object-specific actions

Actions can now be defined for the objects shown in the panel (if it’s a multiple-object panel). They should apply to one specific object, as opposed to global app actions, which are broader in nature. For example, a car delivery management app could show orders linked to a deal in the panel and in this case, an object action could be “Cancel order”. Read more

3. Field-specific actions

Actions can also be defined for individual fields in the panel. They should be connected to one specific field, mostly for updating or viewing more information about it. Continuing with the... (More)

New: Create cards, lists and boards in Trello from Pipedrive using Workflow Automation ⚙️ 🗒



We’ve made some major updates in the Pipedrive Trello integration to streamline your work processes within both tools:

  • Create cards, lists and boards in Trello from Pipedrive using Workflow Automation
  • Use Trello-related templates in Pipedrive Workflow Automation
  • Choose which Pipedrive fields to display under linked items on Trello cards (PD default fields, custom fields, notes or activities)


For whom?

Trello users that have an associated Pipedrive account can use the integration. 


🧠 Learn all about the Pipedrive integration for Trello from our Knowledge Base tutorial in your preferred language.


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Join our Roundtable every 2nd Friday where we share tips, insights and help each other with our different use cases!

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