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Help on managing a project which runs across several months, in different countries.

We win large projects which run across several months. We're looking for help on how to forecast these projects by month across their lifetime.

As an example:

We win a contract with a chain of fast food restaurants for the supply of all their tables and chairs. The contract is estimated at £1m for 2021 but it is spread across 1300 restaurants throughout Europe. Each venue constitutes an individual quote to be won and delivered. The contract runs from 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2021.

Questions and challenges:

  • From a forecasting point of view, is there a way to input... (More)
Bruno Leite
Resolvendo problemas diariamente.

Tarefa atrelada a Data

Boa tarde a todos! Gostaria de saber qual recurso estão utilizando para suprir a falta da Automatização de poder criar uma tarefa com base na data, tentarei exemplificar o que digo:

Proposta enviada no dia 01/04/2021, e em 8 dias corridos ela não terá mais validade, ou seja, em 09/04/2021 ela perde a validade e não consigo atrelar uma tarefa para simbolizar isso. 

Utilizam algum outro método? E desculpe se há o recurso e não tenho encontrado. 

How to integrate multiple pipelines efficiently?

Dear Pipedrivers,

my company is currently planing to pull our entire customer interactions into Pipedrive. It started with Sales, than Onboarding and now we are considering implementing the entire Customer Support into Pipedrive as well.

There is one major issue, that I just couldn't work out so far, though: Efficiently connecting each Pipeline to the next.

What exactly is the issue?

For multiple reasons, we not only use different Pipelines, but also a different version/copy of the original Sales Deal: We want to keep insights useful and mark Deals that are won as "won". If you do that, you have... (More)

Luc Bretones
Growth Holaspirit / Talkspirit

Souhait d'échange sur pratiques Pipedrive - entreprise SaaS avec SDR et AE


Je souhaite échanger sur les meilleures pratiques Pipedrive pour une activité SaaS avec des SDR et AE.

Bien à vous,