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2way sync Pipedrive Mailchimp GDPR challenge

We get leads from different channels. Some come from people who register on a form (no problem here). But we also target our leads ourselves, and after we have had a meeting with a potential customer we would like to keep them warm by adding them in mailchimp. But we can not add someone to mailchimp without acceptance from the person.

What I would like to do is setup an automation. When a person is added to Pipedrive a standard email is being sent to this person asking them to accept receiving newsletters. I dont want them to fill out... (More)

Almost no one wants to interact with our chatbot. Does anyone have similar experiences or ideas on how to improve engagement?

Question: How to track leads that are converted to deals

I have many deals that are converted from leads. Then how can I see only these deals in pipeline view?

I'd like to measure the efficiency of leads, and I'd like to know the ratio of leads converted to deals.

Deal moves to different organisation

Hi everyone,

I'm having a lot of issues with deals changing to different organisations when a contact moves to a new company. I walked through this problem a couple of months ago with someone from the Help team but didn't really solve it.

For example, Joe Smith moves from ABC organisation to DEF organisation. When I look at the ABC deals, they have now been assigned to DEF organisation instead of staying with ABC.

This really mucks up our reporting when we are tracking our win/loss rates for organisations.

I am considering creating a rule that says when a contact... (More)