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Bexio Pipedrive Connector App - Save time with better marketing automation!

Dear Pipedrive Community,

Until recently, there was no solution for accounting in the German-speaking world on the Pipedrive Marketplace. We spent a long time looking for a reliable integration for Bexio and Pipedrive, tried out various integrations with Zapier, but we ended up having duplicate contacts. Therefore we finally worked on a solution ourselves.

You can install the Bexio Pipedrive Connector app from what. now and automatically create new contacts on Pipedrive.

Here are some of our main functions:

  • creating new contacts in Pipedrive as soon as they are added as a contact in bexio
  • acceptance of changes and updates... (More)

Books Every Sales Manager Needs to Read

Let's all share our favorite books that helped us the most to progress in our careers. Let me start!

1) Predictable Revenue By Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler
2) Sell with a Story By Paul Smith
3) Sales Manager Survival Guide By David A. Brock

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Thank you to each and every customer, partner, investor and Pipedriver who has helped us reach this milestone! Here's to another year of celebrating our growth and achievements 🥂 

And here in our Community: whether you use Pipedrive or not - join the conversation. Come one, come all - it's all about Sales and Marketing! 🚀

Luc Bretones
Growth Holaspirit / Talkspirit

Are you using Pipedrive for your CSM - Customer Success - activities ? If not, which tool do you use ?

Are you using Pipedrive for your CSM - Customer Success - activities ? If not, which tool do you use ?