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Discussion on Typeform, a tool that allows you to easily create webforms.

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Zappier not linking person to deal


Hello pipedrive Community. I made a zap that creates a org and person out of an typeform and then puts all of that in a deal. it works fine except the fact that the person does not automatically link to the deal but is apart of the orginazation, any clues on how I can automatically add the person to the deal?

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Feature request: Sync Typeform answers automatically into the Deal that is created when someone fills out my Typeform

At the moment, when someone fills out our Typeform form, a deal is automatically created only with their Name, Email and Company name filled out from the Typeform fields However, we don't have any of their answers in the Deal automatically added which is the info that we really need to do our job.

This means we have to go into Typeform every time we have a new lead and copy + paste their answers into the Deal as a 'Notes'.

It would be so so so helpful to have the integration with Typeform automatically relay the prospect's answers into the Deal (along with their Name, Email and Company name). It would save us so much time every week.

Pipedrive - Typeform integration

Hello, doing the integration between PD and TF, I have the following questions:ย 


  1. If I have an 'Attachment' box on Typeform, how do I connect that to a new deal on PD so the attachment lands on PD?ย 
  2. There are some fields on a under a Person's profile that I have on PD but do not appear as an option to connect with a Typeform answer. Why does this happen?ย 



We have a Typeform integration built by Typeform themselves in our Marketplace, check it out here124.ย 

Pipedrive free trial accounts work just the same as paid accounts, so there should be no restrictions to using integrations with other tools from our end. I recommend you take a look at the setup instructions in the link above and if you still have questions or any issues reach out to Typeform's support team, also listed there. ๐Ÿš€