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Discussion on Typeform, a tool that allows you to easily create webforms.

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We have a Typeform integration built by Typeform themselves in our Marketplace, check it out here24

Pipedrive free trial accounts work just the same as paid accounts, so there should be no restrictions to using integrations with other tools from our end. I recommend you take a look at the setup instructions in the link above and if you still have questions or any issues reach out to Typeform's support team, also listed there. 🚀

The folks at Typeform share their new roadmap, thanks to the latest round of funding. It includes a new developer portal ... rather than simply using Zapier.

If you haven't seen Typeforms in action, they are beautiful mobile-friendly forms that get form data in a conversational style. Check it out!

ACH Gateway on Forms

So it is easy to add a credit card payment step to a Typeform or other forms, but does anyone know of a way to add an ACH step? We do larger ticket sales, and don't want the liability or cost of transactions in the $xxxx range processed on a credit card. Our customers would do ACH if we offered it, but my current offering isn't mobile responsive (WEAK), and they have no plans to be either.

Typeform can't do ACH without custom development. Hoping there's a simple form solution like them or Wufoo that can add it as a... (More)

Pipedrive + Typeform

It's a marriage made in Heaven, and it's HERE! Connect Pipedrive with Typeform without Zapier. SWEET!