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We just got Pipedriv'd 

When you select a customer on Pipedrive App on UnifiedVU Platform, you can view the associated invoices on Xero (paid, due and overdue), tickets on Zendesk, email campaigns of MailChimp (sent, opened and clicked) and statutory financial details on Companies House (for UK companies only), location on Google Map, your tweets with the customer on Twitter and identify social profiles on FullContact.

Removing revenue / sales blockers from deal flow

We believe outstanding tickets/issues on deals closed could be a nightmare when it comes to closing the next deal. 

Working with our Pipedrive Customers, we've developed a solution and love to get your feedback. The initial solution works with Zendesk and Xero, but these can be replaced with similar solutions with ease, e.g. Sage, Freshdesks, etc What do you think?

Do you struggle to make appointments with prospects, customers and suppliers?

Do you struggle to make appointments with prospects, customers and suppliers? We've ( recently teamed up with another SaaS company ( to offer a simple and effective solution incorporating Pipedrive. 

Process starts by selecting the contact in your Pipedrive CRM App on UnifiedVU Platform. Give me a shout out if you like to trial please.

Any Russian users here? We just had a request asking us to support Russian. If there are anyone here, love to understand their specific requirements.

Existing Service: UnifiedVU for Pipedrive

Oh, by the way, UnifiedVU is free for 3 users at present, if anyone wants to grab an account.