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User Management
User Management
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Please increase maximum Devices to 5

I was just hit with the device limit – got my company workstation, laptop, and phone logged into Pipedrive. Now I wanted to check on something on my private phone and had to log all others out. Also, sometimes a colleague (who has his own account, but unfortunately there is no shared mailbox feature in PD) takes over my account if I am working with a client all day. It works, but it is kind of annoying to log back in every time. 


email verification masquerading as 2FA

The email verification masquerading as 2FA is very inconvenient and relies on the customer to have access to their Pipedrive associated email account on the same device on which they are logging into Pipedrive. Competing applications are smarter and use Authenticator apps or push notifications. When will this be changed as it interrupts workflow and restricts access for those with valid credentials?

Brock Shillington
Account Manager - Little Rocket Agency

Leadership Setting / Boss Setting - Pipedrive accountability

As my agency scales, we need a way to keep track of Account Managers. It would be great to be able to see our account managers live in Pipedrive, similar to how Google Docs shows you someone is in a file.

This would give us the ability to see that people are doing work and at very least active within the tooling we've chosen.

New: Account Settings access 🛠


Account settings access can now be granted as a free seat, independently of having access to Deals. Users that only have access to account settings will not see deals, leads, pipelines, or other core features of Pipedrive. But will have access to user management, billing details, company settings, security settings, and personal settings.

Note: when a new company is created, the user that creates it will have this permission enabled automatically. For users that are invited into a company, this setting will be disabled by default and can only be enabled by another user with access to account settings.


Available now for all companies