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Why do other users have to pay same as Admin account?

Hello there, I signed up for the Professional account, I will pay $59 dollars per month. For me, it was perfect, but when I want to include my team members that have nothing to do with the set up of the database and will only follow instructions I have to get them to be on the same professional account as I will be, my question is why? If they will not use all the features I'm using? Also, if I have a team of 20 people if will be extremely expensive to have everyone in my team to use limited... (More)

Hello there, I'm trying to add a user but that user does not want to pay the fee I'm paying because they do not need all the capabilities I have. How do I accomplish this?

Several contact lists + more user friendly.

I would really need the possibility to create several contact-lists (for people) instead of just one big with different custom fields. We have a big amount of data and right now we find it easier to sort it in different spreadsheets/contactlists regarding the category of the customer. 

I'm also looking for an easier way to search in the contact list and how to transform contacts into deals. It's not at all that user friendly atm. 

Activity owners

Hi, i would love to be able to add more company user's to an activity. Sometimes it's useful, if e.g. you schedule a meeting with a client linked to a deal and it's necessary that another user inside my company should take part.