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User Management
User Management
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Access rights - urgent question

We want to onboard an Upworker/ Freelancer to do cold calling for us (for a certain amount of time). This person needs to have 'read' rights only in Pipedrive for current leads (to see which current leads are already in there) but she shouldn't be able to do extracts/modifications of current leads. However, she should be able to insert new deals (& complete all the fields for these). Is this possible? & if so, how to set this up?

Sannah Vinding
Director of Product Development and Marketing

manage users / admin vs regular user

Need advice regarding how to manage users - admin vs regular users

facing the challenge that the regular user can't see the notes that are in the deals, if I change to admin, they can see it but we can't have everyone as admins.


please help?

thanks in advance


David Picard

New feature I would like to propose !!! (Flexible pricing by type of users)

Flexible pricings by function by user


So many of my cients have seasonnal seats or high production seats. So to give them seasonnal seats with different features but not all of the full time seats would be a great advantage for the safety our data and also our total cost of seats. 


Ability to just add individual calling licenses

It would be great if you can just add on individual calling licenses for cold callers within an organization. many people here do not need that feature and would be a waste of money on them