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Please create an option, at the ADMIN level, to allow regular users to ADD/DELETE Contacts

PipeDrive Team? Why create the option for us to to permit deletion of DEAL for regular users, and not CONTACTS? Please quickly add this permission level so we are not asked to do this work on behalf of our teams! Hurry.

A way for reps to get notified when a new contact is assigned to them.


I have recently set up a workflow so that way when one of our reps gets assigned a new contact, they get notified via email saying: You have been assigned " John Doe " Login to Pipe drive to check it out. 

But What i wish was possible is we could include a link to the contact in the email. 

So it would be like You have been assigned " John Doe " Click here to see Contact:


Curious to see if anyone else would find this useful! 

Me gustaría saber como poder asignar usuarios específicos para que puedan darle a Ganado o Perdido a los negocios que estamos construyendo.