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Expand the Viewing Ability of User Activity History

Currently you can go onto User Profile (top right) and view the last 100 or so updates for any one user. However if this facility was expanded it would allow a manager (like myself) the ability to check on employees to see when and what they are doing throughout the day on a daily / weekly basis.

I would like to suggest:

  1. Expand the user update history that can be viewed (up to a month).
  2. The ability to download and save this data.
  3. The ability to set alarm functions if certain criteria are not met.
  4. Ensure that only Admin users... (More)

We’ve changed how to manage your users

We’ve made it easier for Admin users to manage users on their account. Learn more about the minor changes here.

Good morning everyone, Actually, today we have only 3 choices of users, but it's not really adapted with differents teams. How can we create a new user ?

Permissions and Visibility

feedIs there a way to separate admin rights related to Billing - sort of Super Admin?, and all other Admin related permissions such as:

  1. Customization of pipelines if any changes required
  2. Adding/deleting or changing of pipeline stages based on best work practice.
  3. Adding and deleting of lost reasons based on live accounts scenarios
  4. Ability to delete deals in PD
  5. Adding important fields on deal for sales to ensure all required data is captured before proceeding with On Boarding

Should be given to other group of users aside from Regular user?