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Sannah Vinding
Director of Product Development and Marketing

manage users / admin vs regular user

Need advice regarding how to manage users - admin vs regular users

facing the challenge that the regular user can't see the notes that are in the deals, if I change to admin, they can see it but we can't have everyone as admins.


please help?

thanks in advance


Readonly USERS


Could you think to provide a license for READ ONLY  users, just for consultant!




 I have small problem. One of our employees has left our company and he is one of our Pipedrive user. I try to deleting his user account from Pipedrive. There was an announcement that "he is the owner of xxx number of organizations and individuals". How can I easily change the owner (organizations and individuals) so that the data is not destroyed when the user is deleted?



can I use diffrent plans for diffrent users?