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UX - User Experience
UX - User Experience
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Nouveau : mode sombre disponible sur les appareils mobiles iOS 📱 🌒

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À qui s'adresse cette mise à jour?

Toutes les personnes utilisant des appareils iOS (téléphones et tablettes)

Comment fonctionne le mode sombre ?

L’affichage de l'application s'accorde à vos réglages iOS : si vous avez activé le mode sombre sur votre appareil, l'appli s'affichera en sombre. Si vous avez activé le mode clair... l’appli s’affichera en clair. Il n'y a pas de bouton spécial car le réglage s'effectue automagiquement !

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The new Sales assistant 👎

I am not a fan of the new format for sales assistant. I used to like being able to "Click all" and view within my current window, it now created a new window which seems like a clunky step backwards in terms of keeping a clean tidy user experience. I can't be the only one who feels like this?

Field keys not visible


Why did you remove the customer field key visibility with the new update and only made it possible to get them by clicking the three dots and then copy api key.

This is so time consuming. When making something that needs to use api keys it takes forever to first copy all of them (and make sure the copying worked, i had multiple occasions where i thought i was copied, since I clicked the button but somehow it didnt work, so I used previous field value...), second if you open something that you made, that doesnt allow comments, then... (More)

Deal status in drop down when creating task

When creating new task for company with multiple deals (B2B), it is impossible in the list to understand which opportunity is old (LOST or WON) and which is OPEN.

I would love to have small status icon next to opportunity name to see status of that opportunity. 
This would save confusion and make data more clean in the Pipedrive.

Here is example of what I mean: