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UX - User Experience
UX - User Experience
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Christopher Daly
President, Chief Marketing Officer

A Feature Enhancement to Improve Data Entry

So this is a big one and maybe a bit controversial - today you can tab across columns that have data in them but you have to click to enter into the column, make updates and hit save. So if you have 6 pieces of information to enter you have 6 clicks aside from having to click to get into the column. It would be much easier if we could just tab across the columns and then type in the edits and save the changes on the object instead of each and every column.

The less typing we have to... (More)

SedaPipedrive Employee
Product Manager (Insights & Progress)

Goals - usability testing invitation 🎯

⚠️ Update: we've filled all the vacant spots for this round of beta-testing. Thank you everyone for your quick response and availability! Hit the "Join Channel" button on this channel for access to more beta-testing and research announcements. ⚠️


Hi everyone!

We are currently working on adding Goals to Insights and looking for people who would like to participate in usability testing of our latest Goals prototype.

If you are interested then please comment on this post and I will contact you via email. Any user in any plan can participate.

Your feedback is very important to us as... (More)