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UX - User Experience
UX - User Experience
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Survey: What matters most in contact details of your leads?

We would like to help you to get the contact details of your leads easily. We have a few questions we’d really want to ask you to help us understand what matters most to our customers. Could you help us out? ✅

It shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes of your time. If you can spare the time, please add your input in this survey. The answers are anonymous, confidential, and not tracked.  

⏰ Survey closes November 27th, 1pm (GMT +2)

Thanks in advance — we really appreciate it! Every bit of input helps. 💪

New: Note Scanner for Android mobile app live this week! ✍️ 📲


For those who like to take notes with pen and paper, Note Scanner allows you to transcribe your handwritten notes or print documents into Pipedrive!


  1. Click the Notes Scanner button in any Note view in the mobile app.
  2. Take a picture of your writing/printed text.
  3. Notes Scanner will detect the text and insert it into the note. Like magic!

Depending on your handwriting and your phone's camera, it may be more or less accurate for different people.

❓I'm very curious to know how it works for you, so let me know by leaving a comment in this post... (More)

Realtime pop-up of New Deals since UI change

Hi, please could you help? Before the recent UI change, when our receptionist entered a new deal, it would pop up on our screens as soon as she clicked Save. Since the UI change however, this doesn't happen and we have to refresh several times before it appears. Is there any way of having the original functionality please? Thank you

Enviando emails com templates de html

Olá, alguem conhece uma solução de envio de emails para enviar emails "mais bonitos"? Os templates do pipedrive não tem algumas funcionalidades como colocar um video ou usar html e fazer emails mais personalizados.

Estou buscando uma solução para enviar um email quando mover de um estagio para outro usando alguma integração com outra solução de email.  

Alguma sugestão?