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UX - User Experience
UX - User Experience
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Email Folders

How can I access my Outlook email folders when working in Pipedrive?

Lead Information in Sidebars

Is this going to be added? As it would be useful to see the leads a person has as well as any deals


David Shalev
Vice President, Sales and Partnerships

Changing the data shown in Pipeline view

I am a Pipedrive newbie and would like to know if the data displayed for each deal in the pipeline can be changed. It looks like the default is the name of the deal and the dollar amount, but I would find it helpful to display other fields, including custom fields. Is this possible?


Pipeline/Stage bulk update in list view

I would suggest to restore a simple but useful feature: in list view bulk updating the pipeline/stage box always start with the first database row of available pipeline, instead it would be nice to show directly the pipeline where most deals are already. 

It's simply a feature in micro-operations, but if list views are used often as I think it could bring serious comfort with fast programming requirement.