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UX - User Experience
UX - User Experience
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Please fix. I need to reply to the email I'm CC'd.

Please fix. I need to reply to the email I'm CC'd.

I'm CC'd on the email. But I can't hit the reply button. Of course I want to reply within the CRM. 

  • Reply to Email <--- PLEASE FIX.

NOTE: Why can't I upload an image to the forum? I'm trying to upload a screenshot, it requires a video type or pdf type, ugg.  So I made a PDF. It's attached.


Absolutely love the CRM, would just like to enable this common and expected workflow.

New: turn off Activity pop-ups for Workflow Automations 🙅


Currently Workflow Automations and auto-generated follow-up activity pop-ups are duplicating functionalities: they serve the same function of automating follow-up activities. 

How does it work?

Disable the follow-up activity pop-up when there is an active Workflow Automation that creates an activity.


For whom?

Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans with active Workflow Automations. 

Only Admin users can perform this action. All users' Workflow Automations will be affected.


Learn more: 

How can I disable the follow-up activity pop-up?


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Please fix: phone pop-up



When phoning straight from PD:

I'm on the Organisation card, I click on the phone number > call from my phone > a very handy pop-up appears.

When I'm done, I I click "mark as done" and then "save", PD navigates away from the current Org page - thereby denying me the possiblity to add a follow-up activity.


Poor UX. Please fix!

Planned: Invoicing to gain new abilities 🧾 🚀


To give you access to insights about an organisation's purchase history and payment status, and to make it easier to track and chase outstanding invoices.

For whom?

Invoicing: all plans.

Products: Advanced, Professional and Enterprise.

How will it work?

  • Create invoices using Pipedrive Products directly
  • See all invoices from Xero/QuickBooks in Pipedrive
  • Check consolidated financial information on customer level

Learn all about the Invoicing feature in Pipedrive in your preferred language.

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