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UX - User Experience
UX - User Experience
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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics, and join channels in the Community.

Private view options for custom sidebar boxes

Hi there - would love to request that Pipedrive add a custom sidebar option that is able to be viewable ONLY by the user who is logged in. There is some information I would like to keep private from other viewers who share deals and currently this option is not available.

email verification masquerading as 2FA

The email verification masquerading as 2FA is very inconvenient and relies on the customer to have access to their Pipedrive associated email account on the same device on which they are logging into Pipedrive. Competing applications are smarter and use Authenticator apps or push notifications. When will this be changed as it interrupts workflow and restricts access for those with valid credentials?

DoloresPipedrive Employee
Product Researcher at Pipedrive

Gathering feedback about navigation

Hey dear Pipedrivers! 😊

We are currently researching how to improve Pipedrive navigation. For that I would appreciate your input. Have you faced any issues with navigation in Pipedrive? Have you struggled with finding something from the menus? Do you think some menu items should be located or grouped differently? If you have something to share, please write in the comments 🙏

Adding some screenshots to illustrate what I mean – the main menu on the left side, the menu that pops up on the top right corner, and all the second layer menus like inside the Leads inbox.

If you would like to give more thorough feedback and discuss the navigation topic further, please schedule a quick call with me. You can book a suitable time for a call from this link.

Product enhancement: See title when hovering over people in organization screen

It would be a great product enhancement if when in the org screen and hovering over people that their title display. That way a call could be made without having to click on and open the people screen to see thier title.  Not looking for a work around just a future produce enhancement.