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Visibility & Permissions
Visibility & Permissions
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View permissions for Pipelines

Would be a great feature to be able to control the visibility of individual pipelines to team members. 

I have a marketing, sales and client pipeline - and the client one contains all agreements, invoices, client information etc. that other team member's shouldn't see. 

But at the moment there's no way for me to control that.

I need to have it set so that my teams can see the activity and insights with users of just their teams - and not others.

I have a franchise system with multiple locations with each location having their own team.

They each have individual "groups" for visibility of deals

they have teams so that sales teams can be grouped for insight and goal purposes

however, for the team to see eachothers stats - they need to have the permission for "see other users" on - but that opens up the whole company - allowing those users to see insights in other locations.

From what I understand there is no in between to make insight visibility to only exist within a team - could we get... (More)

Hiding Financial Details

Hi everyone,

I wanted to know if there was a way I could hide financial info (i.e deal value etc) without restricting too many permissions for my other team members. I'd like to keep the value numbers just for upper management, but would still like to allow users to edit other deal information. Is there a tool I can use or a setting I can change for this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Feature request: allow date ranges to be passed in filter URL's

Argh. I've been sending public filter URL's to our users to get them to clean up data (particularly Activities not linked to Organizations) and they have been reporting "but we are done!".  However, it finally dawned on me that the date scope doesn't pass in the URL. So they were on "To Do" and saw nothing.

We either need an "all records" button (which I cannot find) or the ability to pass the date range in the URL. Thanks for your consideration.