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Visibility & Permissions
Visibility & Permissions
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I automate things

A way to completely turn off the follower feature

Every time a deal is reassigned to a new user the old user stays as a follower.

To put this simply, we want all deals private to only the owner. With the follower feature... that is not possible.

We also have the permission "See all items of other users they are following" toggled off, but that doesn't help. Users can still see the deals in their pipelines, just with hidden data.

Our temporary solution is to hit the api hourly to delete all followers on all deals... but we are approaching large numbers of deals and the server is starting... (More)

I automate things

Please Update the "See other users" and "See other users' statistics" permissions.

Hello Pipedrive

To put things simply, we don't want our sales agents seeing other sales agent's items like activities, deals, contacts... But we do want an aggregate dashboard to be shown internally as a type of leaderboard for who is winning the most deals.

The 2 permissions involved here are:
#1 = See other users
#2 = See other users' statistics

I will mention them below as #1 and #2 to make things easier.

I also want to mention:
- everything is set to "Owner Only" in Visibility Groups settings.
- before anyone mentions the public link version, we can't... (More)

Laura Maier
Sales Operations Manager

Restrict who can reopen closed deals


How can I restrict user groups so they can't reopen previously closed deals?

Having this feature automatically enabled is giving me a hard time as users reopen and close deals, the won time changes and the won revenue suddenly disappears in the financial quarter I used to report it in. I know I can change the won time but first of all I have to find the reson for the sudden deviations in my reporting.

Can anyone advise please?

Thank you!



Custom Fields - Based on Stage, Pipeline and whether Lead, Deal

As is the typical sales and prospecting process, certain and most data points are not entered initially, but as the Deal goes through the pipeline.

  • Different pipelines have different Data points.
  • Different stages within each pipeline have different Data points
  • Leads typically won't need / use even half the Custom fields needed for a deal.

The result of having unneeded Fields in the Detail view in stages they're not needed/useful is unfilled custom fields and inconsistent data entry. This is more than annoying, it's resulting in a broken and cluttered workflow.

I went in the Leads view and saw all... (More)