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Visibility & Permissions
Visibility & Permissions
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Experience with visibility groups

My company needs to create siloed groups within Pipedrive whose data/entries are protected from the rest of the company (a sensitive client). Will visibility groups be the solution we are looking for? Have folks had good experience with using visibility groups? We are debating upgrading and want to make sure visibility groups behaves the way we want them to, i.e., if you create a visibility group this group's data is not viewable by the rest of the Pipedrive user base.

Jan Visser
Sales Leader / General Manager

Leads - Visibility Settings


This was mentioned somewhere else by someone else but I cannot find it anymore. So - just to make sure it gets captures, here's the gist of it.

1. As part of permissions and visibility, the LEADS object should be added so general visibility settings for leads can be set by an admin.

2. Similar to the way this works for ORG/PERSON/PRODUCT and DEAL - one should also be able to override these settings on a lead by lead basis.

3. This then consequently also means that several permission sets need to be added for leads:

  1. Add leads
  2. Edit... (More)

Visibility of custom fields at particular stage / pipeline

In our company, we have a few pipelines with different sets of custom fields which are using. It would be very convenient to add the functionality which would make it real to choose of which stage and even which pipeline the specific field will be visible of invisible. Are there any chances to implement it?

Is our current permissions and visibility setting not suiting your needs 100% at the moment?

Good news, we are planning to improve the permission & visibility but we need help from you. 🚀

We have some ideas on how the solution would be and we would like to map this with your current implementation to make sure we are covering all of your needs.

What do we need?

We need to identify your most complicated visibility groups & permission sets and map it out with our envisioned solution.

How do we want to do it?

Does your company have more than 7 layers of visibility groups and more than 4 permission sets then you are... (More)