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Visibility & Permissions
Visibility & Permissions
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Limit Pipeline visibility to certain users or teams

I'd like to be able to limit the visibility of pipelines to certain users or teams.

Different service teams don't need to see each other's pipelines.


Hi there,  Is there a way to customize permission set for a specific custom field?  

For instance, so as to use the deal screen as a process tool having a field where an administrator can acknowledge receipt from a sales rep of certain paperwork, or for instance 'payment received

I need to be able to have my administrators verify steps of a deal are complete and limit the sales rep from this. 

Am I looking straight past this feature?

Thankyou everyone



Please make Admin able to make their activities only seen by other Admin or hidden from other users, or, not able to be changed by other users that need access to the Organization or people in them.

Other users could make comments, notes, additions or suggest date changes, but not delete or edit the activity, notes or content you have within them. 

Prototype testing: add-on permission in permission set 🔍

Hello everyone, 👋
In order to deliver more value when it comes to project management, we are working on add-on permissions.🚀
We need volunteers to help us test the flows and prototype. 
If you are an admin and you have been using project management and want your voice to be heard then please book a time here.

Thanks in advance,