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Ik ben op zoek naar een goede voip integratie.
Wij willen graag onze bel resultaten goed kunnen analyseren, en aangezien pipedrive dit heeft verwijderd bij de afgelopen update, ben ik opzoek naar een voip integratie.

Echter kan ik nog geen geschikte oplossing vinden in de marketplace.
Wij willen onder andere de volgende punten inzichtelijk krijgen van onze data:

Alle ingaande en uitgaande telefoontjes 
Alle bel tijd ingaand en uitgaand ( Voip )
Gemiddeld aantal telefoontjes per contact tov conversie

De rest van de data, zoals activiteiten en omzet potentieel heb ik goed inzichtelijk gekregen via Dear Lucy, aanrader!

Heeft iemand tips?

Alvast bedankt!


LOVE the Mobile Application - 1 request?

Hello Pipedrive Team! 

First, I want to quickly point out that I've never seen such an intuitive yet powerful CRM application! I'm extremely impressed on how well the Pipedrive application can handle so much data and continue to make access easy and quick, so thank you!

I'm wondering about the current integration with Whatsapp and if this is able to be replicated to other integration partners? I love the option to turn on or off Whatsapp to allow for calling into a different dialer as we'd really like to stay away from calling from our personal numbers. We've switched our org over to Simplii's integrated phone solution and we LOVE the success we've had so far but, I'm wondering if it's possible to work with partners to find a deeper mobile integration as well? I'd like to see a switch (like the whatsapp option) that can toggle my Simplii mobile application to dial out then push me back to my Pipedrive application to log the call notes. Let me know your thoughts or how we can accomplish something like this. 



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I need help picking/configuring a voip service that integrates with PD

We are mobile first. We need contact sync, sms, solid call quality, and mobile apps that function well.


We tried justcall (mobile ui is difficult to use) , toky (call quality is sub par), aircall (apps dont even read local contacts let alone sync them, and non pipedrive integration on ios), ringcentral (zapier required for integration, and no contact sync). We are currently on aircall, we have to use sakari for sms support whose UI is subpar, we experience regular call drops, and call logs dont refresh properly, its overall an unfinished product with great marketing).

At this point I am about to give up on the dream that phone dispoitions can be used from mobile to generate activities/deals in pipedrive with contact and deal creation, as well as sms triggers based on pipeline stage.