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LOVE the Mobile Application - 1 request?

Hello Pipedrive Team!

First, I want to quickly point out that I've never seen such an intuitive yet powerful CRM application! I'm extremely impressed on how well the Pipedrive application can handle so much data and continue to make access easy and quick, so thank you!

I'm wondering about the current integration with Whatsapp and if this is able to be replicated to other integration partners? I love the option to turn on or off Whatsapp to allow for calling into a different dialer as we'd really like to stay away from calling from our personal numbers. We've switched our... (More)

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I need help picking/configuring a voip service that integrates with PD

We are mobile first. We need contact sync, sms, solid call quality, and mobile apps that function well.

We tried justcall (mobile ui is difficult to use) , toky (call quality is sub par), aircall (apps dont even read local contacts let alone sync them, and non pipedrive integration on ios), ringcentral (zapier required for integration, and no contact sync). We are currently on aircall, we have to use sakari for sms support whose UI is subpar, we experience regular call drops, and call logs dont refresh properly, its overall an unfinished product with great marketing).

At this point I... (More)

Szymon Golyskichannels (Integration Partner)
Chaning the way companies handle their calls

Hi Brad!

I'm not sure if you already found a service, but I think there's no point of double forward in your case.

With Channels you can simply use our mobile application, so a person who should be on duty, will simply log in to the app, without the need of changing the forward number. Of course, we also have the forward feature if someone would be using a landline number.

We've recently released our integration 22with Pipedrive that works both ways - pulls data from Pipedrive and display contact details during a call and pushes data to Pipedrive once... (More)