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Web Forms
Web Forms
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Marketer at

Google Tag Manager and Pipedrive forms. Still no? Or any worarrounds?

Hey community,

I tried to track pipedrive form submission with GTM but seems like I got stuck.

  1. No way to trigger event with visible element when 'thank you' message occurs. GTM hear zero events in pipedrive iframe. I tried to get a class #app > div > div > div > div > div
  2. No way to trigger with GTM;s auto listener
  3. No way to insert GTM\s code and data layer push into the form
  4. No way to track conversion with thank-you-page url - because everything is happening in a one frame 

Any workarrounds with pipedrive forms to make them talk to GTM?

white label web form

hello. I'm paying for the web form in the Pipedrive lead booster.  I would like to remove the "powered by Pipedrive" at the bottom of the form.  Can anyone help?   I found a posting on how to remove it from the webchat but can't seem to find it for the web form. If I can't remove it this would def be a deal-breaker for me as I'm still under the trial period?  thanks. 

Web forms email notification not working

Hi all,

I've set up a couple of web forms with an email notification (see screenshot). The email is different from that of the form owner's. When the form is submitted, the form owner is notified via Pipedrive about the new lead, but the separate email is not notified. 

I think I have everything set up correctly. Is anyone else experiencing this issue, or have I missed something in the set up?