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Web Forms
Web Forms
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Campaigns’ double opt-in requests feature is alive – testers wanted

Hello, dear Pipedrivers! 🤗

We have been working on a new double opt-in feature a.k.a confirmed opt-in / confirmed subscription, and during June 6th - 14th we would like to conduct a couple of interviews to get your feedback on the created solution.

Who we are looking for?

  • 3-4 volunteers
  • Users who are already familiar with or using the confirmed email subscription / double opt-in in their work
  • Users who are interested in using the confirmed email subscription / double opt-in feature in Pipedrive

What to expect?

  • You will explore the double opt-in solution and we will chat
  • Your time and effort will be compensated with a 30 $/€/£ Amazon gift card ❤️

How to enroll?

  • You can book a suitable time for a call via this link.

N.B. thanks in advance to those who have already shown interest in participating in the double opt-in product interview! 

Thank you and looking forward to talking to you! 😊

Aleksandrs & Margarita

Building scalable sales team. Switching to Pipedrive.

What is the use case for multiple leads on the same contact?

Multiple deals for contact make sense, but what is the use case for multiple leads that can be created for the same contacts?

I feel that this can make duplicate entities in my lead list if I try to add leads from webform and other ways using APIs or other tools. Has anybody faced this kind of an issue?


Webforms: Font & loading delay

1. is there a possibility to change the font.

I would also pay more if I could use the font from our CI/CD.

2. the loading time is very bad with the forms. there is always a loading delay for the forms.
Can this be fixed somehow?

Thanks a lot!


Integrate website form with WebForms?



I'm currently not too happy with the functionality and speed of Pipedrive webform. Does anyone know if there is a way to integrate webflow forms with pipedrive? instead of all competed forms being directed to an email?