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Web Forms
Web Forms
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Victor Vuillier
Business Development & Sales Operations

Pipedrive forms, submissions history [feedback and suggestion]

Being used to another CRM, I love a feature about forms which is form history, showing you all submissions through a form, and allowing you to create a campaign on those contacts directly.


for example, you create a form for e-book download, 3 months later you publish a new e-book, you can select all people who completed the form of the first e-book to send them the new e-book.

A basic forms feature which is not on Pipedrive.

Is that on the to-do for the product team ?

Has anyone figured out the logic on contacts that come from web forms?

I need to find all of the contacts that downloaded a whitepaper from our site. We have a web form and PD creates a deal when an inquiry is submitted. Then for a bizarre reason, an activity is created called with a Note using Webform Submission. But when u try to create a filter on activities for webform submissions, a note option doesn't exist.

I have a filter for the deal pipeline but a lot of these have moved.

I just need a simple filter for web form contacts that came in.....this is beyond frustrating

Adding Custom CSS to Web Forms

I have an embedded pipedrive form setup and working on a wordpress site and noticed any custom styles I try to implement are not getting applied. Is there a way to add custom css to the web forms?

I embed the web form on clickfunnels. I want to change the form style e.g width, label color.