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Web forms
Web forms
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Denied Acess to create a form

Olá .

Eu estou usando a versão de testes e gostaria de usar o webform para integrar o pipedrive a uma landing page, mas recebi acesso negado. 
Isso acontece por eu estar na versão de testes?
Se não, como faço pra testar esse recurso?
Também gostaria de testar o sistema de ligações.




I'm using the trial version.

I'd like to try webforms but i received denied access.

I only can try webform after trial?

If not, how can i enable web forms?

Best Regards

Sue Steckle
VP Business Development

Converting web forms to new format

I've started using the new (beta) web forms and like the improvements. I have one old format web form still which I have embedded on our website. When I go to the old tools > web forms page it says at the top:

"There is a new version of Web Forms

New Web Forms have been launched. You can create new forms there or convert your current forms."

I'd like to convert this old format form but there is no option to (that I can see) to do that in the form's menu where I can edit it. There is... (More)

Leads Inbox improvements for users in all plans! 📥

From now on, all new leads have to be linked to a contact (either an existing one or a new one is automatically created), similar to how all deals have to be linked to a contact.

🤔 Why the change?

  • You can now add a Lead from an existing Contact and track the contact history
  • Importing Leads with your Contacts? They will now be linked.
  • Contacts created from Leads are included in your Contact Sync (on web app and mobile)
  • Simplifies syncing marketing tools with Pipedrive
  • No more concerns about having 3 places to store contacts in Pipedrive (Leads... (More)

Integration of webforms and scheduling

It would be neat to see an integration between webforms and scheduling. I currently have a lead fill out a form on my site and then redirect them to a 3rd party scheduler so that they can view my team members calendars. From here they can book an appointment, but they have to fill in their info twice. It would be great for the information to transfer from my webform into the appointment info. I would also like to see them be able to view multiple calendars from my team members