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Web Forms
Web Forms
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Web Forms on LinkedIn

My understanding is that the Pipedrive Web Forms won't embed on LinkedIn due to LinkedIn restrictions.  I've been told that a link to the Web Form CAN be included as part of a LinkedIn post.  Does anyone have experience with this and what kind of results have been achieved?  Have people gone the extra click and filled out the form?

Separate name field in web forms into "first name" and "last name"

Hello, I'm trying to make web forms, but I don't see my fields for a person's "first name" and "last name", it is only showing me "name". We would like to have it separated because sometimes it creates funny names with our database, for example, when a person types two first names it doesn't split them correctly. Thanks

Marketing passionate & Future Growth Hacker

Formularios: Recaptcha y correos personales

¡Hola chicos!

Quisiera saber si alguno de ustedes tiene algún truco para solucionar estos dos temas:

  1. El Recaptcha tan poco friendly de los formularios en línea


2. Cómo evitar que en los formularios inserten correos personales (con dominio gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc...)


¡Los leo! Muchas gracias por su ayuda :)

Marketing passionate & Future Growth Hacker

Form ReCaptcha

Hello guys!

I want to know if you are using any other options to avoid using the zero friendly ReCaptcha Pipedrive offers for the forms.

I was thinking about deactivating it and hope not to receive so much spam...any other ideas?

Happy Friday!