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Web Forms
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Customised Drop Down Menu with Text field.

We have a web form where we ask "Where did you hear us from" and then let visitors to select the answer from a drop-down menu. At the end of the menu, there is an Others option.  We want to have a text box (open clicking Others) where they can fill in custom values. Could you please let me know how we can do it?



change the color of the form text

Hello! Is it possible to change the color of the form text?

Look at the attached image.

As you can see the text is not visible ... Thank you 


Link my own form to LeadBooster Web Form script

Has anyone tried linking a custom form to the LeadBooster Web Form script? For both style and data reasons I want to use my own forms on my website and submit the data via the LeadBooster Web Form script (e.g. I might combine two or three data fields from my form to be submitted as the "message").

Looks like if I create form fields with the appropriate ID (copied from viewing a real leadbooster web form I have already created) and link my own submit button to the same script I should hopefully be okay? ... before I start down... (More)

Hi Jason! Perhaps we could have a short meeting to check this out? I bet we can help you. Please send me an email and lets agree a time for our meeting.

Also, sorry for the late reply.

Best regards,

Juho, Zimple / Pipedrive Elite Partner

+358 400 277 049