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Web forms
Web forms
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Dave Auwarter
Chief Revenue Officer

Is it possible to include separate data fields for "first name" and "last name" in a web form?

Comment trackez-vous les formulaires sur GTM ou Google analytics ?

Bonjour à tous, 


petite question du jour ! 

Comment faites-vous pour tracker les infos des formulaires sur votre GTM ou votre Google analytics ? 


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Check box fields in Leadbooster.

Today it's been the first day we've used LeadBooster. Unfortunately we've found out something that makes the product inviable for us. We can not add a check box field type which is a must for GDPR compliance (at least in Spain). The user has to check the box to make the send button workable, so we cannot skip this mandatory step. The support team has confirmed this cannot be done for now. Are we the only ones with this problem? 

Mapping new leads/deals to existing organizations

Hi Community!

We want to have our web forms create a new deal, but not a new organization.

Right now, every new web form creates a new deal. (great!) BUT I don't want it to create a new organization if there is already one live! Is it possible to map this lead (create a look-up) and have them merged vs creating a new one?

EXAMPLE: Lead is Nike looking for more advertisement space. I want Nike to not duplicate as a new organization, but map to the existing one.

If there is any other way forward with this please advise!... (More)