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Web forms & surveys
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Denied Acess to create a form

Olá .

Eu estou usando a versão de testes e gostaria de usar o webform para integrar o pipedrive a uma landing page, mas recebi acesso negado. 
Isso acontece por eu estar na versão de testes?
Se não, como faço pra testar esse recurso?
Também gostaria de testar o sistema de ligações.




I'm using the trial version.

I'd like to try webforms but i received denied access.

I only can try webform after trial?

If not, how can i enable web forms?

Best Regards

Google Analytics goal trigger for Pipedrive form entries

We have switched our own webforms out for Pipedrive forms. The experience has been great: easy to setup and much less spam now.

However, we seem to have lost the ability to register a Google Analytics Goal when someone fills out a form. Does anyone have an approach/solution for this, or would this be a genuine feature request?

Marco GovoniSolution provider partner
ICT Senior Consultant | CyberSecurity for People & Companies

ISSUE? Web Form may not include "Large text" field

Is it normal that webform cannot include field as "Large text"? Why? 

Is it possible to active this feature?


R2L web forms

I really like automation and web forms. I really like to use PD webforms but their titles cannot be aligned to the right (in Hebrew)

Is there a way to allow this feature?