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Web forms & surveys
Web forms & surveys
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Reporting on Webforms

The columns in this image are | views | interacted | submitted | conversion | 
The columns in this image are | views | interacted | submitted | conversion | 

I've got a few web forms running, one of which is a booklet request. The form itself knows the number of clicks and conversions, but how can I produce a report showing me these 11 submissions? 

My marketing guy would like to follow up and talk to these customers, but other than trawling through my email and making a separate sheet I can't see how to display the detail behind these numbers. 

Voted for Allow the insertion of a google tag - product development suggestion

Hi @Nicola Meinders18 , it is a good observation there! A workaround our team has suggested for the time being could be to have your Pipedrive Web Form forward to a Thank You page when it is completed. And on that Thank You page you can add your Google tag.

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Sync Typeform answers automatically into the Deal that is created when someone fills out my Typeform

At the moment, when someone fills out our Typeform form, a deal is automatically created only with their Name, Email and Company name filled out from the Typeform fields However, we don't have any of their answers in the Deal automatically added which is the info that we really need to do our job.

This means we have to go into Typeform every time we have a new lead and copy + paste their answers into the Deal as a 'Notes'.

It would be so so so helpful to have the integration with Typeform automatically relay the prospect's answers into... (More)