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Web forms & surveys
Web forms & surveys
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Is there an issue with the Web Forms?

I am trying to edit web forms by it's not allowing me to edit the message in each field - I have even tried creating a new form and still the same issue, is there a bug??

Best Form Options to pull in fields within platform

Need recommendation of best form product to use that will pull in fields within the platform? 

Upload Files from JotForm to Pipedrive

We use JotForm to transfer documents to Pipedrive (PDF, Doc and Jpeg mostly). Applicants are prompted to upload 6 different files (these are required to even complete the form). Sometimes all six files appear in pipedrive, sometimes only one or two. I cannot discern a pattern as to when they appear and when they don't. (All six files are available in the JotForm inbox. They are often simply not transferred to Pipedrive.)

Does Pipedrive only accept certain file formats?

Is there a size limit?


More insight about webforms - where they fall off and what is the stats

The main problem. If we are doing changes to the webform, for example making it shorter with excluding a couple of questions to see if that will help to increase the rate of completed forms. 


Typeform has this functionality that it shows the stats of the questions, like where they fall off the form and that way if kinda gives some feedback on what to change. At the moment it's impossible with Pipedrive but that would make this product even better.