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Web forms & surveys
Web forms & surveys
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Set up PipeDrive forms on a Wordpress site

Hello, I would like to use Pipedrive forms in Wordpress (website).Has anyone already done this and have any feedback on it?  Is it possible to customize the form? And if so, to what extent?

Mettre en place des formulaire Pipe dans Wordpress

Hello, j'aimerais utiliser les formulaires Pipedrive dans Wordpress (site internet). Quelqu'un là t'il déjà fait et a t'il un retour là-dessus ? Est-ce possible de personnaliser le formulaire ? Et si oui, jusqu'à quel point ?

change text colour & background html/css webform

Hello! Is it possible to change the text color or the background of a webform? I tried to add custom css and html but unfortunately nothing changed. I want to add a solid white background or change the text color to white (without change the theme to dark, because the 'forms' need to stay white! 

Thank you in advance!

Show user source on webform submit

This is a low hanging fruit to implement on the existing Pipedrive platform.


Please link webforms with visitors. I.e. when a form is submitted, a visitor is created and connected to the person created with the form. This will allow us to know where the person came from.


I'm currently doing this with custom code and not using the Pipedrive form. It's a hack that I would prefer not to maintain.