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Web forms & surveys
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Datenschutz Checkbox in Formularen

Hallo, gibt es irgendwo die Funktion zum einbauen einer Checkbox für Kontaktformulare?

Web forms

Hi There


Please could someone help.

Pipedrive had an update I think over the Chridtmas period. As when I went back on in the new year the web forms section wasn't there. It used to be found going through tools and intergations but it must have been moved.


If someone could tell me where it now hides that would be great.


Kind Regards



Hi @Dmitriy Kim9 , we appreciate our initiative to create a survey about your integration here in the Community! You can also check your competition in our Marketplace7 ;)

PS - We'd like to ask you to please not use the "What's New?1" or "What's Planned?5" topics in your posts: they are read-only topics used by Pipedrive to communicate updates to our community members. "Feedback & Suggestions3" refers only to Pipedrive features. I have removed them from your post and replaced them with more pertinent topics. Thank you!

They are, however, the place to... (More)

John Shelburne
Sales Lead Generation

Be careful on your Mailigen survey's....this happened to me and I wanted to share. Dzintra of support provided me with a great answer

Here is the Loom video describing the problem with my survey -