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Feedback for Web Visitors for leads

What exactly is pipedrive trying to accomplish with this feature? 
Is this a reverse IP lookup that will compliment Google Analytics? If so, it would be great to have a sync with GA.
Is this similar to Clearbit?

Quality control is a must on the current version. Not a great explanation on the scale of quality.
Great idea but needs loads of work.

I would like to not buy clearbit so I am interested.

Planned: Converting your website visitors into leads

Figuring out who visited your website is difficult because only a fraction of visitors leave their contact details. This means a lot of lost opportunities, because those visitors were already somewhat interested in the product or service on offer.

Leads are the fuel for the sales engine - our customers need as many relevant leads (and as automatically) as possible. Web visitors feature identifies the companies that are most engaged with your website, making it easy to convert your website traffic into leads.

Check the Knowledge base article of our BETA feature:

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Pipedrive reserves the... (More)

Web visitors

Hello... I am on the trial and don't see the option for "web visitors" in the Leads dropdown.  Must you be on a paid plan for this feature to work?

Love the Web Visitors Beta

Can you make it so we can export that data.  Org/ region/industry?