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Web Visitors
Web Visitors
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Web visitors live notifications

Hello, dear community,

I recently installed a new web visitors tool and it works great. 

What I was wondering about is live notifications for the visitors in real time.

Would this feature be useful for you?

Web Visitors - Specific Date Filter

It would be awesome if we could select a specific date in the Web Visitors feature. In this case, I just wanted to view visitors for only 1 Feb or only 28 January (to view specific spikes in traffic) but I am unable to filter that way. Also, an export data function could be really helpful/useful, too!

Web Visitors - the ability to search and export to CSV/Excel

Would love if there was a search functionality for the web visitors function and if we could export the data to Excel. Scrolling down a long list with all the loading is quite disruptive and it's hard to find a company again when you want to go back to the data.