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Web visitors
Web visitors

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In Case You Missed It - November 2020

In case you missed it - we've got Web Visitor tracking, expansion in Taiwan, and better reporting for your Products. You can now see which products are selling more than others - and who is selling each product more efficiently. 

Read more about it here: 
🇬🇧 In English
🇩🇪 In German
🇵🇹 In Portuguese

Hi @Vincent Chow32 , I'm sorry to hear you got a confusing result from Web Visitors.

Since this is more of a technical issue, I recommend you reach out to our Support Team do they can clarify and help you troubleshoot: How can I contact Pipedrive Support?19

Thank you for your understanding!

Bernd AuerPipedrive Expert
Managing Director - -

deal source => standard field

A field for "Deal Source" should be standard (of course in the deals/leads). Literally every of our customers needs it. And it should be filled automatically by the webforms, the prospector, the web visitors and other sources and not via automisation. And it should be possible to run reports it in the insights also with the advanced license. 

Web Visitors in headless application

Hello, I just wanted to ask: Does Pipedrive Web Visitors support headless applications?

I added sprint to head tag, the script is visible in code, even status tracker recognize it and show that script is installed but it does not gather any data at all, I'm browsing the page for 30mins and nothing?

I'm really not so sure what is wrong, am I do something wrong, or really plugin do not support such kind of apps, docs are quite useless in this case

has anyone had experience with this?

I will be grateful for any help