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I have a client who owns a SAAS company/software. They want to be able to update deals in Pipedrive when a deal signs up to a trial and when they have paid. 

They said they have developers but would like some advice on what to tell their development team. They're happy to use Zapier or direct webhooks to PD. 

Could anyone help? I need some suggestions to tell their developers what to do.


Picture format field, specifically for Signature

We have the requirement to pass the signature we capture on our website into our Pipedrive record created for a client. This is then used to mail merge a letter sent on the clients behalf + to verify the client. At present Pipedrive has no ability to accept a picture format (via Zapier). Is this in the pipeline? as we may need to look for another solution.....many thanks & great job on PipeDrive in general!

Webhook history


I noticed that there was an issue with the Webhooks recently and for some time they did not fire. After discussing it with Pipedrive support I was informed that you had an issue and it was now fixed, however, the webhooks that didn't fire during the issue will not run after it was fixed. When I asked if it was possible to know what had not fired, I was informed that only your engineers have complete logs. Don't you think it would be useful for the users to have access to those as well?

For example now, for unknown... (More)