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Org address formatting

By default, the form of an Organization Adress is one line separated by a comma ","

This is really annoying when you need to use the data in other programs. However, I noticed in a webhook payload that it lists the below:

Address subpremise empty Address street number 20 Address route Sample Lane Address sublocality empty Address locality empty Address admin area level 1 England Address admin area level 2 Lincolnshire Address country United Kingdom Address postal code PE9 

However, even though the complete address is added to the organisation, only some of the fields have data in them and... (More)

Webhook for Leads?

I know leads inbox are still in beta, but do you plan to support webhook for leads? (We don't have any support for leads webhook as you can see in the attached screenshot.)

Pull Number of completed Activities with Zapier


I use a webhook to notify Zapier when a call-activity was completed.

Now I would like to use zapier to pull the number of completed calls this agent has this month and push it into Google Sheets (to visualize it in a dashboard).

However I don't manage to pull the number of activities from pipedrive.

Anyone an idea how to go forward on this use-case?



Integrating with Pipedrive

Hey team, I'll start out by saying that I am no expert in what I am doing here, but that I wanted to simply share this for your interest only.

About a year ago, I was building a new production management system for our manufacturing company - my goal at the time was simply to allow our production team to do away with the hand written pieces of A4 paper stuck to the whiteboard with magnets, and covered in scribbles. At the time I selected as our platform of choice to display the data. It's not perfect, but it's... (More)