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Webinar: Selling stronger in 2022 📈January 18th, 2022

2022 is here, is your sales process ready? It's time to make sure your team has the right technology to build a better pipeline. Join our webinar with Pipedrive to explore how you can integrate automation and personal communication to drive more sales and close deals faster.

We’ll cover:

- Using technology to stand out in a competitive sales environment
- Creating the right blend of automation and personalization
- Increasing productivity and decreasing your sales cycle
- Measuring your team’s success and iterating throughout the year
- Real-life case studies of companies using this approach

There will be a Q&A, so be sure to bring your questions for our experts 📝

If you can’t make it at 10 am PT, be sure to register and we’ll send you the recording after.

[🔴Club CRM] - Metavers, NFT, Web3.0 : Quelle utilisation pour mon entreprise ?

Rdv demain à 17h pour un Live Twitch un peu spécial.
On parleras Metavers, NFT, Web 3.0, Blockchain et on verra comment les utiliser dans sa relation client.

Ça sera plutôt un débat car je ne suis pas un spécialiste du milieu (mais je commence à avoir quelques idées)

Voici le lien pour se mettre un rappel

João Marcos Ernesto Pereira
MONSTRO em Venda | Gestão | Liderança


Fala pessoal, tudo bem?

Descubra como montar uma estratégia de Vendas Matadora em 2022!

Hoje (22/11), as 19:00h, estaremos AO VIVO no Youtube no Pipedrive Webinar!

Clique no link para fazer sua inscrição e ganhar um prêmio surpresa:

Link da Live no Youtube: 

Espero vocês lá!

Abraço, sucesso e boas vendas!

🔴 Live [Club CRM] - Les dernières nouveautés Pipedrive

On se retrouve ce soir à 17h en live sur notre chaine Twitch pour parler des dernières nouveautés Pipedrive.

On a quelques semaines (mois ?) de retard sur les nouveautés et on a décidé de rattraper ça ce soir.

Voici un lien pour mettre le rdv dans son agenda