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Website Tracking
Website Tracking
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How can website activity of existing person be tracked?

Hi, we have people coming into PD from a formstack form via Zapier - The person is then sent an email from PD. 

I have used CRM's in the past where cookies are used to then track the website activity of the person on our website (this involves a code snipped on the site also) - is this possible in PD? 

I would expect to be able to see the webpages that the person has visited in the activity section of PD?


Chatbot: Track URL the user was on when sending off the chatbot form; Add custom HTML (e.g. for tracking purposes)

Two feature requests for the chatbot:


A) Track and report on the URL the user was on when sending off the chatbot form

Right now, we get questions regarding our products via the chatbot but have no way of knowing which product the user means, because the email from PD with the conversation summary does not entail any info as to which URL the user was on when they sent off the chatbot form. 


B) Create option to add custom HTML code to chatbot

We would like to make the sending of a chatbot form trackable via Google Tag Manager, as today there is no way of knowing which source a conversion via chatbot came from (e.g. Google Ads), however, this information is very important for our marketing campaign optimization as we get a lot of leads via the chatbot.


Thanks for voting this up to the other users and to the PD team for considering this in their development pipeline!

Track a form Submission using Google Analytics

Hi , I would like to know the best way to track a web form submission as a conversion or event in Google Analytics, Is there a way to integrate this directly.


Amit SardaCommunity Driver
Pipedrive Consultant >> Need help? Book a call (link in bio)

Having a website helps, no matter how simple it is. It’s not really that time consuming administratively. These days there are many easy to use website builders. I built my new website (amitsarda.xyz77) using one such nocode platform within a couple of days.