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Website Tracking
Website Tracking
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Facebook Pixel integration with Pipedrive Forms. Tracking Leads.

Hello! Is there some way to track Pipedrive Form with Facebook Pixel? 

My client has Wordpress webpage with implemented Pipedrive Forms (plugins). And it is not possible to setup tracking on Submit button with Facebook Event Setup Tool. 

So what would be the best solution (exept creating Thank-you page in webpage)?

In Case You Missed It - November 2020

In case you missed it - we've got Web Visitor tracking, expansion in Taiwan, and better reporting for your Products. You can now see which products are selling more than others - and who is selling each product more efficiently. 

Read more about it here: 
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🇩🇪 In German
🇵🇹 In Portuguese

In ChatBot after the lead generate ChatBot can Track google tag manager Source? or track website Url Query String ?