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What's New? [read-only]
What's New? [read-only]


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New: Searching for activities 🔎


Activities are now searchable from the global search bar:

  • Activities are searchable by their title, note, and description. 
  • Permissions: Admins can search for all activities (all users'), regular users can only search for their own activities. 
  • Filtering: Users can click on 'Activities' category in search to see only activities in the search results. 


For whom? 

All users and plans.


Rolling out this week for all companies.

Smart Docs add-on: close deals faster with our document management tool

Want to take your document process to the next level?

Essential and Advanced plan users can now add Smart Docs to their Pipedrive subscription and streamline how they manage their documents.

Smart Docs helps centralize the document process for your team, and as it’s part of the Pipedrive ecosystem, you can make the most of a host of time-saving auto-fill options.

Here are just some of the features you get with Smart Docs:

  • Auto-fill documents with Pipedrive data
  • Share documents and templates with your team
  • Track documents in real-time
  • Sign documents electronically
  • PDF format support
  • Google Sheets and Google Slides support

Want to find out more? Head over to our Smart Docs add-on blog for all the details.

In case you missed it... the best of Pipedrive in 2021

Looking to make a strong start in 2022?

We've compiled a list of the best features we released last year to help you do just that.

From closing deals faster with Smart Docs to finding more leads with LeadBooster credits, we think there's something for everyone.

Check out our article and see what you may have missed in 2021.

New: Pipedrive-Zendesk integration 🤝

Our new Pipedrive-Zendesk Support integration gives sales and support reps the added visibility they need to improve their customer communication. By integrating Zendesk with Pipedrive, you can access Pipedrive data in Zendesk, and vice versa, without needing to switch between apps.


You can find out all about it here