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Leads Inbox can now be sorted by column

A highly-requested update in the Leads Inbox is live! You can now聽sort your leads聽based on any of the available columns, giving you more control over how you see your data, helping you stay organized your way.

Expect even more Lead Inbox improvements in the upcoming weeks. Get a complete overview of Leads Inbox聽here.

Required Fields now available for our Professional plan users

Consistent sales data is a vital part of an effective sales process. With Required Fields, you can guarantee that the data your team enters into Pipedrive is complete and accurate. Ensure that contacts are created and deals move to the next pipeline stage only if they have the required information.

Learn more here.

Are you a Professional plan user but don't have access yet? Reach out to our聽Support team聽so it can be switched on for you. 馃檪