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What's New? [read-only]
What's New? [read-only]


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🔴 Live - Extension "Messenger" et "WhatsApp"

On se retrouve en live ce soir sur Twitch, pour parler de la nouvelle extension :

  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhastsApp

On découvre l'extension ensemble.

Pour se mettre un rappel, c'est par ici :

Se mettre un rappel pour ne pas louper le live


New: 💬 Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp integrations


Manage all your conversations from Facebook Messenger and Business WhatsApp in Pipedrive, keep them organized and connected to your contacts, leads and deals!

With our new Messaging inbox integrations you’ll be able to:

  • contact prospective leads or clients, and track your conversations without leaving Pipedrive;
  • intuitively create contacts, leads, or deals from conversations and store your conversation history in the related contact, lead or deal;
  • share conversations with colleagues and even assign them to the ideal team member for follow-up.

Starting today, for all companies in all plans.

How to start:

Connect our Facebook Messenger and Business WhatsApp integration apps or add the apps directly within Pipedrive (Leads > Messaging inbox).


Learn all about it in our Knowledge Base.

New: Caller for Leads ☎️


The Caller tool now functions in the Leads inbox much the same way it does in a Contact or Deal. There are two ways you can access a phone number and make a call through a Lead:

  • Linked Person's number
  • Phone type Lead/Deal custom field

For both examples, all you would need to do is have a phone number value available in a Lead's detail view, at which point you will be able to use that number to make calls through your Pipedrive account.


For whom?

Professional and Enterprise plans



Gradually rolling out to companies throughout April 2022

João NevesPipedrive Employee
Marketplace Integrations Manager

March New Apps Spotlight!


Check out the four new apps featured in this month's App Spotlight.

  • Bonjoro helps companies build a loyal customer base and convert more leads with its all-in-one video platform
  • Deals+ from connects Slack and Pipedrive, meaning you always have the info you need without having to switch platforms.