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What's New? [read-only]
What's New? [read-only]


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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics and join channels in the Community.

Find more leads with 10 free Prospector credits each month

LeadBooster subscribers get 10 free Prospector credits each month to help them find new high-quality leads.

You can use the free credits to reveal the verified emails, direct phone numbers and social accounts of your filtered matches from a database of 400 million profiles.

And that's not all. If you'd like to add more credits, we’ve now made it possible (and cheaper) to add credits to your subscription on a recurring basis. The more credits you choose, the cheaper the cost per credit overall.

Check out our blog for more info on the free credits and what else you can do with LeadBooster.


Insights navigation update! Manage your reports and dashboards with custom sections

Do you have a large number of reports and dashboards? If so, we’ve made it easier to find the data you need.

Our latest Insights update lets you group reports and dashboards in sections, delete old reports and rename sections to match your sales processes.

Head over to our blog to find out how to set up your custom section today.

Coming soon: Smart Docs add-on 📝

Streamlining your document management affects more than just your documents. It works wonders for your entire sales cycle! Take for example one of our customers, Leyout, that reduced its document management tool costs by 58% just by using Smart Docs.


Now, for some best part: We’re happy to announce that Smart Docs, including eSignatures, will be available for Essential and Advanced plan users as an add-on, soon! 


In a nutshell, here’s what Smart Docs allows you to do: 

  • Centralize the entire documentation process
  • Send trackable quotes, proposals and contracts from within Pipedrive and get notified upon their opening by the customer
  • Remove the Pipedrive logo from any document
  • Provide easy, immediate access to all team-shared documents and templates
  • Close deals faster with eSignatures


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New: Insights side navigation menu revamp 📊



It is now possible to:


  • Create new sections in sidenav menu for reports and dashboards
  • Add items to newly created sections
  • Rename sections
  • Delete sections
  • Bulk delete several reports at once
  • UI change - there is now a single button for creating Dashboard, Reports and Goals (located next to search)


For whom? 

All users and plans.


Available now for all regions.