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What's New? [read-only]
What's New? [read-only]


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🎥 How to customise your notification preferences, follow topics and join channels in the Sales Community.

❗🎥 In Case You Missed It - Here's May's Update! 🚀

In case you missed it - Pipedrive now has  professional grade features for  your sales docs such as sharable document templates and e-signature tracking.

🔎   Want more details? Read all about it in our blog article:

Require help with an filter in Pipedrive Insights

Hi, I hope you all are doing good. We at want to find a way to look at all the companies in our ecosystem for which we have either changed their expected close date, subscription amount or stages in past one week and we want to do this every week. I know I can find the changes made in the timeline of each company but I want to get a list of these companies every week. Can any one of you brief me a bit on how can I do that? Thanks in advance for the help

New: Mentions and Comments for all plans (web app + mobile app) 💬 💬


  • Tag your colleagues in your notes, bringing their attention to deals, organizations, or contact people.
  • Collaborate more efficiently so that everyone can keep their work on track.
  • Comment underneath your mentions or notes, allowing for simple, fast, communication with your team.

For whom?

All users in all plans.

What can I do with it?

  • Mention a colleague: simply type @ in your notes, and select your their name from the dropdown list.
  • Comment under notes after being mentioned: communicate directly with your colleagues on any ongoing collaborations.
  • Email notifications: opt in or out of getting them for mentions... (More)

April's New Apps Spotlight!

Check out the 4 new apps featured in this month's App Spotlight.

  • CallGear - allows you to divert calls to responsible employees, see who is calling or create a new lead card automatically.
  • FormCrafts - helps you create and share smart lead generation forms.
  • Scrive - helps drive sales velocity with integrated e-signing and contract management.
  • WisePops - lets you create bars, popups, and overlays that help you increase conversions.