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What's Planned? [read-only]
What's Planned? [read-only]

🚫 This is a read-only topic, please don't post questions here.🚫 To post feedback or feature requests use Feedback & Suggestions.

  • "What's Planned?" is used by Pipedrive to communicate some of the features our teams are currently working on.
  • Please note: Pipedrive reserves the right to modify the features in "What's Planned?" and does not communicate exact timelines.
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🎥 How to customise your notification preferences, follow topics and join channels in the Sales and Marketing Community.

For the sake of protection of data, how can a company monitor what their users view on Pipedrive? #Dataprotection #datasecurity

 For example our sales people need to view the company and people (names only) we do not want them able to see any other information pertaining to an organisation or person that doesn't belong to them. The Answer from Pipedrive is : Unfortunately, it is not possible to hide the information below the names, you can either hide all information from contact or organisation or none.  Please can we have options to select what data fields can be viewed by users.

❗🎥 In Case You Missed It - Here's May's Update! 🚀

In case you missed it - Pipedrive now has  professional grade features for  your sales docs such as sharable document templates and e-signature tracking.

🔎   Want more details? Read all about it in our blog article:

Planned: Schedule Emails to be Sent Later 📤 ⏱️


  • Choose the optimal time to send your emails, improving your image and impact.
  • Image: present yourself more professionally by having a timestamp in your emails that fits traditionally accepted working hours (depending on target recipient).
  • Impact: reach yours customers at the optimal time for higher chances of it being noticed.

For whom?

Advanced, Professional and Enterprise plan.

What will I be able to do?

  • schedule email/group email with predefined time:
    • tomorrow morning/afternoon
    • Monday morning
    • pick a specific date and time from calendar
  • cancel scheduling and move to draft
  • see the scheduled email in the "Planned" section... (More)

Planned: Video-call integration for Scheduler in all plans 🎥 📅

How will it work?

  • Automatic video call links will soon not be just for manually created activities anymore, they're around the corner for Scheduler-generated activities too!
  • Have both Zoom and Microsoft Teams integration in Pipedrive? No problem, you still get to pick.
  • Using Calendar Sync? The video call meeting links will be embedded in the calendar invites (Google or Microsoft Outlook).

For whom?

All plans, all users. Stay tuned to Research and Beta Testing announcements soon. 😉

What's next?

Integrating Google Hangouts into Activities and Scheduler.

🧠 Learn all about Video call integration for Scheduler with our tutorial.

Please note:... (More)