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Send the Zapier deals to a specific pipeline

Dear Support,

Is there anyway to send a new deal from website to a specific pipeline?

Currently it is going to a default pipeline and below is my Zapier setting

  1. Trigger - New Form Entry in WPForms
  2. Action - Deal in Pipedrive

I am not able to find any settings on the Zapier end.


Contact Form 7 (Wordpress) integration with Pipedrive | Pipeline issues


Does anyone know how to change the Pipeline where the leads are created? I have several forms and I do not see where to edit the assigned Pipeline.

Checked the CF7 plugin at Wordpress, but do not have a clue on how to edit this. Thanks! 

[Advice] WPForms->Zapier->Pipedrive. Multi choice mapping issue

We have a WPForms that has a multi-choice dropdown field. We would like to map this into a Multiple options field in Pipedrive.

The Pipedrive field has the same options available as the multi-choice drop-down that the form has; despite this, I can't get the data to pass through into Pipedrive.

Am I trying to do the impossible; if not I'd appreciate any guidance/thoughts on how to make this work.


change the color of the form text

Hello! Is it possible to change the color of the form text?

Look at the attached image.

As you can see the text is not visible ... Thank you