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Work-life Inspiration


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Why fully-remote work is not everything I had hoped for (or: Be careful what you ask for)

Chapter 1: Berlin 2016

When I moved to Berlin 6 years ago, I had a fantasy: an employer who’d allow me to work remotely. I could sleep in, ditch the commute and create the perfect work setting. At one point, I even suggested my then-employer offer a hybrid working model in exchange for a pay cut. I figured I would make the most of my time. I’d travel to Bali, Japan and the jungles of South America, lay on a hammock or sit by the beach and have it all.

Chapter 2: 2022

Fast forward 5.5 years. Call it divine intervention or faith, but I finally have what I’ve been longing for. There’s only one catch: It’s not at all what I hoped for. For one, there’s (still) a global pandemic to take into consideration. I also realized an occasional in-office visit is something I need to stay grounded and help me thrive professionally. Bouncing ideas off each other is crucial for most activities in my field. In fact, this contact is crucial for most people I know, regardless of their role.

Chapter 3: And beyond

Fantasies are great for motivation and drive, but things aren’t that simple in reality. Ever. That being said, I think we’re still in the process of coming to terms with the new, post-Covid life. Adapting is always about finding the right balance. It takes time and some trial and error and may involve growing pains.

I know many people are still struggling to find... (More)

Déjouer les embûches de la communication à distance

Voilà presque deux ans déjà que le Covid nous a contraint au travail à distance. Je ne vais pas mentir : au début, ça m’a bien plu. Avoir des horaires flexibles, pouvoir se lever tard, échapper aux transports…. Que demander de plus ? Et puis les défis sont arrivés. Avec le recul, j'aurais dû le voir venir. Après tout, c’est naturel qu’un bouleversement pareil ait des répercussions sur nos vies personnelles et professionnelles. Au niveau de la communication au travail, après avoir discuté avec des amis et des collègues, je me suis rendu compte qu’on étaient nombreux à faire face aux même défis :

  • Malentendus
  • Manque de collaboration
  • Créativité en berne
  • Silos de communication
  • Manque de feedback

La bonne nouvelle, je crois, c'est que tous ces défis proviennent de la même racine – la communication virtuelle en lieu et place du face à face – et qu’ils peuvent donc être résolus en grande partie de façon ciblée. Ce qu’il faut se rappeler, c’est que la dématérialisation de nos modes de communication ne s’arrêtera pas avec la crise du Covid, que ce soit à cause de l’éloignement des équipes ou du consensus dont jouit désormais le télétravail (lequel est promis à rester, qu'on le veuille ou non).

Voici trois astuces que je trouve particulièrement utiles pour surmonter la communication à distance :

Points d'équipe hebdomadaires 🗓️

Une réunion d'équipe hebdomadaire est un excellent point de départ. C’est l’occasion de discuter des projets sur lesquels on travaille, de signaler un besoin, ou... (More)

Resolvendo os problemas da comunicação remota

Há quase dois anos a covid-19 nos forçou a trabalhar de maneira remota. Não vou negar: no início eu adorei. Horários flexíveis, sem deslocamentos, acordar mais tarde–como não gostar? Mas aí vieram os desafios. Olhando em retrospecto, eu deveria saber que eles iriam surgir. É natural que uma mudança como essa traga consequências para nossas vidas profissionais e pessoais. Em se tratando da comunicação no trabalho, e depois de conversar com amigos e colegas, eu notei que muitos de nós enfrentam os seguintes desafios:

  • Mal entendidos
  • Falta de colaboração
  • Falta de criatividade
  • Má comunicação
  • Ausência de feedback

A boa notícia é que eu acho que todos estes desafios têm uma mesma origem: a comunicação virtual - e eu acho que quase todos eles podem ser resolvidos em algum grau. É importante lembrar que mesmo se e quando a pandemia acabar, nossa comunicação no trabalho continuará mais virtual, seja porque as equipes são remotas ou por conta de regimes híbridos de trabalho ou home office (que, gostando ou não, chegou para ficar).

Estas são três táticas que eu acho bem úteis para lidar com a comunicação remota:

  1. Reuniões semanais de equipe 🗓️
    Uma reunião semanal de equipe é uma ideia. Você pode usar o tempo da reunião para discutir projetos nos quais está trabalhando, iniciativas com as quais precisa de ajuda ou qualquer outra coisa. A chave aqui é fazer reuniões regularmente, nos mesmos dias e horários para que todos possam participar. Você vai se surpreender com o quanto esses encontros... (More)

Untangling remote communication pains

It’s been almost two years since Covid forced many of us to shift to remote work. I won’t deny it: I liked it, at first. Flexible working hours, no commute, waking up late–what’s not to like? Then along came the challenges. In retrospect, I should’ve seen it coming. It’s only natural that such a huge change would have consequences on our personal and professional lives. When it comes to workplace communication, and after discussing the topic with friends and colleagues, I’ve noticed the following challenges apply to many of us:

  • Misunderstandings
  • Lacking collaboration
  • Creative drought
  • Communication silos
  • Lack of feedback

The good news is I believe that, as all of the challenges stem from the same root: virtual over face-to-face communication, they can mostly be addressed and resolved, at least to a high degree. It’s important to remember that even if and when Covid itself is over, our professional communication will only become more virtual, whether because of distributed teams or the new working standard of working from home (which, like it or not, is probably here to stay).

Here are three tactics I find particularly helpful to tangle remote communication:

  1. Weekly team meetings 🗓️
    A weekly team meeting is a great starting point. You can use the time to discuss projects you’re working on, initiatives you need help with or anything else you have in mind. The key here is to hold these meetings regularly, same day and time, to allow everyone to attend them. You’ll be surprised by... (More)