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Pipedrive & Microsoft Teams Integration: let's work! [workaround]

Hi to all! I use Zoom for personal or "informal" video meeting and Microsoft Teams for business. Always my business meeting are organized with Pipedrive Scheduler.

The problem was that on my calendar there were not the direct link to Teams Meeting, and I had to send it to my gests with a separate email, creating a new calendar meeting with Teams.

The result was I (and my guests) had 2 calendar meeting, one from Pipedrive Scheduler and another created by Teams (with the direct link to video meeting): WTF ?!?! :-(

An additional problem is that Microsoft Teams doesn't... (More)

Como distribuir leads automaticamente no Pipedrive

Passo a passo de : Como distribuir leads automaticamente no Pìpedrive

Pipedrive & Calendly

Any ideas on how to automatically create Zoom Meetings when an appointment is made through the pipedrive schedule function? Or any Ideas on an easy workaround?

Contact details changing - best practice

How do you all handle it if a contact changes company or leaves a company? Delete the contact? Mark as inactive? What is everyones idea of best practice?