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Workflow automation
Workflow automation

Discuss workflow automation ย and its benefits

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Post closing or post won work automation

In my line of work, I continue communication with the client after the closing date. Is there a way to automate tasks once the file has been won or after the close date ?

Auto send email from a specific Pipeline

Hello Pipedrivers, I want to send a notification email when a deal is created in a specific pipeline and only that pipeline. Ideas?

Hi Chariz @Chariz Abucejo1

Yes, the task you want to automate is possible if you are a Klenty+Pipedrive user.

If you are using Klenty to send personalized emails to automated follow-ups then it is possible to create contacts, also move... (More)

Jan Visser
Sales Leader / General Manager

Yes, but you need an automation tool like Zapier. They have an email parser - the field values you collect can be used to create automation - like creating a new person in PD. I suspect you do need some... (More)