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Workflow automation
Workflow automation

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Is this a small Bug?

Hello, just wondering if this is a bug or I did something wrong somewhere.

I created an automation that when a deal is won it automatically moves the deal to the next stage. I look for that deal and the top graph shows it is in that new stage, but it shows "0 days" even after weeks of being in that stage. I when I place my mouse over it, a tooltip shows telling me that deal has not reach that stage yet.

Hope you can help me solve this issue.


Stacey Nerz
CRM Data Controller/Marketing

Is it possible to create an automation for having a organization label change everytime a deal is won?

For example: Everytime a deal is won the companies label changes to customer. 

Impossible to use contact tags in workflow automation ?


I would like to use tags in my workflow automation : for instance update a field if the contact has a specific tag, and update it if the contact has not anymore this tag... 

It there a way to do it ? or do i have to use Zapier ?



Pipedrive Sales Docs automation

I finally discovered what exactly is planned with the new Documents implementation and am very happy this is already much further along than I expected!

But since we have some specific tasks we would like to do with this feature, here's some early feedback:

  • Too many manual steps, more automation! (i.e. an option to automatically make it a signable doc with the contact person and editor instead of manually adding that each time, automatically choose between different templates according to information from the deal so you don't have to manually choose the template each time, give an option to send... (More)