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Workflow Automation
Workflow Automation
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  • Discuss Workflow Automation, its benefits, tips and tricks to make the most of automated actions in Pipedrive.
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‘’It’s getting harder and harder to book meetings with prospects’’

This is what Patricia - a Pipedrive customer, discovered when they started doing Outbound. Patricia works as a salesrep in a SaaS company called Customeer which does Marketing Automation.

They wanted a tool to scale outbound. A tool to automatically take prospects from :


 After trying out a few tools, they landed on Klenty - the first and only Intent-based Sales Engagement Platform.

"One person with two hands cannot do it, but one person with Klenty can get 5 meetings booked per week"

Want to know how? Click here.

Pipedrive data to Google sheets connector



I want to send pipedrive data (basically send the data from certain filters) over to google sheets for our sales database so that I can make a google datastudio dashboard that combines other datasets like marketing info. We can't build using the api bc it's too time costly for our engineers. 


any add-on recommendations? We don't want to pay for a dashboard- just a connector.

New: Create cards, lists and boards in Trello from Pipedrive using Workflow Automation ⚙️ 🗒


We’ve made some major updates in the Pipedrive Trello integration to streamline your work processes within both tools:

  • Create cards, lists and boards in Trello from Pipedrive using Workflow Automation
  • Use Trello-related templates in Pipedrive Workflow Automation
  • Choose which Pipedrive fields to display under linked items on Trello cards (PD default fields, custom fields, notes or activities)

For whom?

Trello users that have an associated Pipedrive account can use the integration.

🧠 Learn all about the Pipedrive integration for Trello from our Knowledge Base tutorial in your preferred language.

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Workflow Automation: Teams notification when a note is created

We have been using Pipedrive integrated with Slack for more than a year. We are migrating to Teams and replaced most of the existing Slack notifications. There is a remaining gap that we cannot configure. The requirement is :

Every time a note is created, send a message to Microsoft Teams channel

We like the Workflow Automation templates, and we used these to create our own slightly modified 'custom' workflows. There are no templates for notes. Please continue to create additional templates to showcase the functionality.