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Workflow Automation
Workflow Automation
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Workflow automations for multiple pipelines - how to?

Hola, new user here - how would I set up WFA for multiple pipelines? Are the WFAs pipeline-agnostic or can I set up automations to only operate in some pipelines and not others? I'm thinking of emails triggered when person/deal moved from one pipeline stage to another, but these would have different email templates depending on the pipeline (same stages used in each pipeline tho).



Renat Gabitov
Delegating boring work to the machines

Gmail + Pipedrive

Is anyone using the Gmail add-on?

I saw many folks got confused about installing it! 

It's a Google Workplace Marketplace app (NOT an extension), so it shows under "apps" in your Gmail. 

I've just recorded this quick video overview of the integration. Hope you enjoy it!