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Workflow automation
Workflow automation

Discuss workflow automation  and its benefits

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Joseph ValentiCommunity Driver
Founder - - Toronto/Montreal

Ambitions for Workflow Automations

Good day @Nuno Oliveira

I hope that you have enjoyed a good week. All is fine with us.

It has been a couple of months since our last interaction. I wish to document/update my comments related to automations.

1) The absence of date-based triggers is an obstacle that blocks sales to new customers with considerable frequency.

2) When jumping over one stage deal, Pipedrive triggers all the automations of the ''skipped'' stage. For many of our customers, skipping a stage explicitly means that those automations are not required/desirable. It must be possible to disable automations for a skipped stage.

3)... (More)

Workflow and dialer integration to follow up on marketing mailers and for appointment setting

Does anyone have ideas for workflow and integration configs to automate prospecting efficiently for a solo operator consultant? 

I've looked at dialers (Phoneburner, others) and have Mailchimp account for marketing and frankly feel overwhelmed by the options. So what could a good budget to mid-level solution look like for a solo consultant making 10-15+ calls per prospect and with anywhere from 50-300 live leads?

Joseph ValentiCommunity Driver
Founder - - Toronto/Montreal

Time/date-based "triggers" for "actions" in automations

Thank you, @Nuno Oliveira , for continuing to advance this project. Demand from customers for this capability is very high.