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Discussion on Xero, a world-leading online accounting software

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Quickbooks or Xero integration - or either - any good?

I am looking to purchase one of the invoicing apps (quickbooks or xero) and wondered what everyone's thoughts were on which one to go for, for things like;

cost, ease of use, costs going forward - with growth of business in mind, do any allow more than one user interface, receipts, deposits, payments etc....

I look forward to hearing any responses :)

Problem creating quotes

I use pipedrive for CRM. I use Xero for accounting management.

I am trying to find a way to send a quote in Pipedrive. Once a quote is accepted I will send the client an invoice for their product.

Seems easy but the staff at PIpedrive have not helped in 8 months. I am looking to move on to make my life easier.

If you can help please do. If you can't help with the quoting process please tell me what CRM you recommend to help me with this issue. 

Xero Integration, Invoice field data missing


We are having issues with Xero invoicing within Pipedrive. 

We create an invoice but the contact details (name, address etc) won't populate into the fields in the Xero app within Pipedrive. 

Frustrating and time consuming to manually enter. Hopefully we can find a fix here?

Thank you.


Planned: Invoicing to gain new abilities 🧾 🚀


To give you access to insights about an organisation's purchase history and payment status, and to make it easier to track and chase outstanding invoices.

For whom?

Invoicing: all plans.

Products: Advanced, Professional and Enterprise.

How will it work?

  • Create invoices using Pipedrive Products directly
  • See all invoices from Xero/QuickBooks in Pipedrive
  • Check consolidated financial information on customer level

Learn all about the Invoicing feature in Pipedrive in your preferred language.

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