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SISTEMA CONTABIL (Quickbooks? Holded? Otros?)

Hola amigos,

que programa de facturas ustedes utilizan? Hacen integrado con Pipedrive?

Hoy estamos haciendo todo manual y con un sistema viejo de contabilidad, pero nos gustaria cambiar para uno que fuera en la nuven y todo integrado para:

  • generar facturas a los clientes
  • tener un sistema de contabilidad
  • cumplir con la legislación en España (y EU) y tener toda gestión de IVA
  • Integrar con Pipedrive - ya facilitar la creación de facturas con los productos etc
  • Si posible (deseable), también generar Presupuestos y albaranes, gestión de provedores y stock

Estaba pensando en utilizar:


Ustedes ya... (More)

Deal products not automatically populated in Invoice tab??

When you create a deal & enter the products etc, why does these products lines not show once you click on INVOICE. Surely Pipedrive should populated this automatically so you don't have to type it all out again.

Also, we use Xero and need this feature in order to save time.

Multiple Xero Account Integrations

Hey Community! 

Has anyone had to add multiple Xero accounts to their invoice integration on deals?

We have a Canadian and USA account for Xero and was hoping to add a custom field option to select which Xero account the invoice would be generated in based on the country...anyone? Right now I see only 1 option to add one Xero account, not both.



Pipedrive and Xero constant fail connection

Hi everyone, need help on fixing the connection between pipedrive and xero. They are constantly disconnected and I don't understand why