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Automate information fill in invoice fields



I suggest Engineers to development an automation possibility to fill fields in invoice directly from the products deal details when a Deal is won.


invoice search function for Xero Pipedrive integration

it would be nice if you could search by invoice number in Pipedrive for the Xero integration. 

Xero pulling client debt/value to PD

A few years ago I used another CRM with Xero API and it showed the clients outstanding balance, broken down into due and overdue. Its a basic thing, but very helpful to see within the CRM. Is this possible in Pipedrive?

Right now, the app seems very basic and only makes quotes? Kind of pointless if I then have to go to Xero and make the invoice anyway. 

Anyway, main thing is the balance. Anybody know if I can pull this data?

SISTEMA CONTABIL (Quickbooks? Holded? Otros?)

Hola amigos,

que programa de facturas ustedes utilizan? Hacen integrado con Pipedrive?

Hoy estamos haciendo todo manual y con un sistema viejo de contabilidad, pero nos gustaria cambiar para uno que fuera en la nuven y todo integrado para:

  • generar facturas a los clientes
  • tener un sistema de contabilidad
  • cumplir con la legislación en España (y EU) y tener toda gestión de IVA
  • Integrar con Pipedrive - ya facilitar la creación de facturas con los productos etc
  • Si posible (deseable), también generar Presupuestos y albaranes, gestión de provedores y stock

Estaba pensando en utilizar:


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