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Search for OPEN deals only in Zapier?

Hey! I am trying the "Find Deal in Pipedrive" action in Zapier.

For testing purposes I have a contact person with 2 deals:

  1. Lost 
  2. Open

When I use "Find Deal in Pipedrive" I only get 1 deal (the LOST one). 

That's pretty useless. I want to add info to the OPEN deal, but I cannot get it.

When I use the "Find or Create Persin in Pipedrive" it only shows the number of deals (open, lost etc.) but not the IDs. 

Anyone can help?

Zapier Automation Add Activity to Lead Object

When I am in Zapier and looking to create a follow-up activity based on the lost reason I want to set up a follow-up activity within 6 months on the new lead created. I am unable to create a new activity and tie it to a lead in the Zapier options. I have tried to link it to the lead ID and that does not work. 

I was going to set up an automation workflow that created an activity to create the follow-up but that is not firing when the lead is created by  API.

Lead custom fields missing from Zapier.

The connection between Leads Inbox and Zapier was published a few months ago. We have been using Leads for a couple of weeks now and noticed that Zapier cannot bring any data to custom fields when creating a lead. Custom fields work well with Deals, Persons and Organizations but not with Leads. This would be super important for us to be added soon. We have, for example, Lead Source information available that we would like to bring to created lead and then when we convert Lead into Deal, the information would stay there and support our reporting. Currently, it seems... (More)

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🔴 Live : Les automatisations et Zapier

On se retrouve en live mardi 4 mai à 17h sur notre chaine Twitch, pour parler "automatisations".

Je vous partagerais nos astuces, nos automatisations et on pourra prendre des exemples si vous en avez.

  • Soit en utilisation les automatisations natives
  • Soit en passant par Zapier si ça touche à des outils tiers

A mardi !

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