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Looking for inbound/outbound pipeline workflows & best practices.

Hi all,

Hope this will resonate with some of you and get a discussion going.

I'm very much interested about recommendations and tips regarding the best/most efficient way to handle inbound and outbound leads and deals on Pipedrive.

More specifically, how to accurately track inbound vs outbound performance all along the funnel.

How early - or late - do you input your outbound prospects on Pipe? As soon as there's a demo booked?
If so, how do you (easily) input the data from earlier in the funnel into Pipedrive?

Hopefully, you see where I'm going with this; i'm looking for... (More)

Date Manipulation Feature request

Good day. 

I have a field called "Event date". Based on that date I want to schedule activities x amount of days before or after that event date.

example I want to schedule an activity to check if moneys have been paid 14 days before the event date. Can this be done without the intervention of the likes of Zapier?

i.e. Date of Activity = "Event Date" -14days

Or I want to create an activity to send a Post Event Survey 3 weeks after the event date hence:
Activity Date = "Event Date" +21days

Adina FaimanCommunity Driver
Head of Business Operations @ European Innovation Academy

Activity notiification

I have a scenario where I would like to notify another user about the activities assigned to him/her preferably via email (but Slack would do as well) and this notification to contain a link directly to that deal/person/organization. Dealbot doesn't seem to provide this functionality, neither do Pipedrive inbuilt automations. Any ideas on how to achieve this? Would this be possible to do with Zapier?

Miguel Carvalho
Founder and Manager @ Flexividro

Facturação automática para negócios ganhos (Portugal)


Uso Pipedrive há 5 anos mas só hoje me inscrevi aqui na comunidade. Bem haja a todos!

Como é que actualmente fazem a integração do Pipedrive com o vosso software de facturação? As integrações nativas disponíveis no marketplace são com Quickbooks e Xero e nenhum deles está pensado para o nosso mercado nem não certificados pela AT, o que impossibilita enviar o SAF-T directamente.

Neste momento fazemos a facturação à parte sem nenhum tipo de automatização e por isso estou a pensar passar a usar o Zapier com um software de facturação que trabalhe com o zapier (já descobri... (More)