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connect Shopify with pipedrive

Hi Good afternoon,

I was wondering if you guys could help me in the right direction. I'm trying to connect Shopify with Pipedrive. Now every time a new customer comes to my shopify website I have to put their data in Pipedrive by hand.

I was wondering if you guys knew any programs that could help me with that. I've tried Zapier so far but I didn't give us the desired result. I think the problem is that de costumers fill in their information and it ends up by "Note" It's not categorized by address or company name, this way... (More)

Amit SardaCommunity Driver
Freelance Business Consultant |

The Zapier setup section in this blogpost20 covers this topic briefly.

The idea is to create a person first, with all these details captured under the person field, and then, if required, create the deal.

Append to custom field using automation/workflow

Does anyone know how I can append data from a Deal custom field to a Person and Org company fields using a workflow or automation process?

I have the same custom field across Deal, Person and Org records and when a new Deal is created and the custom field updated, I want the value(s) to append to the Person and Org record custom fields, but have been advised by the support team this is not possible.  Wondered if anyone knew of another tool that could help me achieve this?  The field is a multi option field.