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Pipedrive & Zendesk

Does anyone have experience in using  Pipedrive and the Zendesk suite?

Zendesk Chat - creating deals straight into Pipedrive

Zendesk Support - Sending details of our clients into the Support team


Are there any Zendesk users here?

Keen to understand how you use Pipedrive and Zendesk as we are keen to improve our offering.

Integrate with Zendesk Help

I am trying to design an integration with Zendesk, so that the deal owner in PD is notified if a support ticket is created, and the support rep gets information that the request is linked to an ongoing deal.

The problem I am facing with Zapier is that you can't find a deal based on contact person email (at least according to their support) as there is no Deal Person Email field.

Now, I could add the email as a custom field to the deal and look up that value, but I really don't want more custom fields...

Has anyone... (More)