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Research: Pipedrive - Zendesk app [deadline June 4th]

Hi everyone,

We are currently researching ways of integrating the Zendesk app with Pipedrive. We want to know how is Zendesk and Pipedrive are used between different teams, what are the main needs and how can we make the process easier.

For this, I am looking to speak with some of our customers who are also Zendesk users. If you are interested then please book a suitable time with me here

Thank you!

Pipedrive & Zendesk

Does anyone have experience in using  Pipedrive and the Zendesk suite?

Zendesk Chat - creating deals straight into Pipedrive

Zendesk Support - Sending details of our clients into the Support team


Learning from Zendesk Partner Programme

This is for Pipedrive team here. If you don't know, Zendesk is launching new tools for partners, which includes a dedicated Slack channel and a space for partners to manage their integrations. Perhaps worth taking a look.