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Améliorer le flow d'échanges avec sa clientèle grâce à l'intégration Zendesk

Notre nouvelle intégration Zendesk donne à vos équipes de vente et de support la visibilité supplémentaire dont elles ont besoin pour améliorer leur communication avec votre clientèle.

En intégrant Zendesk à Pipedrive, vous pouvez accéder aux données Pipedrive dans Zendesk, et vice versa, sans avoir à passer d'une application à l'autre.

Pour en savoir plus sur l'intégration, rendez-vous sur le blog Pipedrive ! 

New: Pipedrive-Zendesk integration 🤝

Our new Pipedrive-Zendesk Support integration gives sales and support reps the added visibility they need to improve their customer communication. By integrating Zendesk with Pipedrive, you can access Pipedrive data in Zendesk, and vice versa, without needing to switch between apps.


You can find out all about it here

Coming soon: Zendesk Support integration 👩‍💻


UPDATE 13/12/2021: Out now



To allow sales reps to access customers’ information from Zendesk and vice versa, thereby eliminating the need to switch between apps and promoting both a speedy resolution and a better sales workflow.


What will I be able to do with it?

See Zendesk ticket details inside of Pipedrive. Zendesk users can also access the Pipedrive deal title, status and value.

Research: Pipedrive - Zendesk app [deadline June 4th]

Hi everyone,

We are currently researching ways of integrating the Zendesk app with Pipedrive. We want to know how is Zendesk and Pipedrive are used between different teams, what are the main needs and how can we make the process easier.

For this, I am looking to speak with some of our customers who are also Zendesk users. If you are interested then please book a suitable time with me here

Thank you!