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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics, and join channels in the Community.

Linikng items to leads and deals

When an external invitation to a Zoom or Teams meeting is recevied, how can it be linked to relevant deal or lead?

Tracking zoom attendee lists in PD in a custom field

Hi PD Community, 

We run learning sessions where our members can register for a learning session with other members of our community. We ask that attendees register, and from there we track which learning session they attend. It helps to understand which sessions are most useful for them, what they find interesting and potential lead gen if we open it up to the public too. 

We have a custom field for the learning sessions which we tag who attends which sessions. 

Is there a smart way to automatically add that they have registered and or attended the session? Currently I'm taking the list and manually updating each persons' profile and I'm sure there's a better way to do this :/ 

Would it be creating a zap or some kind of workflow?

Keen for your thoughts!


Reuniões com mais de um agendamento!

Olá, é possível sugerir horários para reuniões em Zoom para mais de uma pessoa? Exemplo, quero deixar disponível todos os dias 14h30 para fazer reuniões de demonstração de um produto e que durem 20 minutos. Portanto é possível realizar essa reunião com mais pessoas, mesmo que elas não se conheçam. Como configuro no pipedrive para que mais de uma pessoa possa se inscrever em uma reunião já confirmada?

Voted for Google Meet (automatically generate link when appointment made)

Is this coming any time soon? Would love to get rid of Calendly!