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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics and join channels in the Community.

Reuniões com mais de um agendamento!

Olá, é possível sugerir horários para reuniões em Zoom para mais de uma pessoa? Exemplo, quero deixar disponível todos os dias 14h30 para fazer reuniões de demonstração de um produto e que durem 20 minutos. Portanto é possível realizar essa reunião com mais pessoas, mesmo que elas não se conheçam. Como configuro no pipedrive para que mais de uma pessoa possa se inscrever em uma reunião já confirmada?

Voted for Google Meet (automatically generate link when appointment made)

Is this coming any time soon? Would love to get rid of Calendly!

Video call integration with Scheduler (Zoom and Microsoft Teams) - Beta release

Update: We have released this feature to all paying customers of Pipedrive now (6.05.2021)

Dear Community members!

We're pleased to let you know that the Pipedrive Scheduler is now integrated with video calling (Zoom and Microsoft Teams).

  • Set up Scheduler meeting links (general availability, pick times) with Zoom/MS Teams
  • Once a client books a meeting slot, video call links are generated.
  • Video call links are sent in the email/calendar invite notifications
  • Video call links are also linked to Pipedrive activities

We are open to community members who would be interested in trying this out and giving us feedback. The full... (More)

Planned: Video-call integration for Scheduler in all plans 🎥 📅

How will it work?

  • Automatic video call links will soon not be just for manually created activities anymore, they're around the corner for Scheduler-generated activities too!
  • Have both Zoom and Microsoft Teams integration in Pipedrive? No problem, you still get to pick.
  • Using Calendar Sync? The video call meeting links will be embedded in the calendar invites (Google or Microsoft Outlook).

For whom?

All plans, all users. Stay tuned to Research and Beta Testing announcements soon. 😉

What's next?

Integrating Google Hangouts into Activities and Scheduler.

🧠 Learn all about Video call integration for Scheduler with our tutorial.

Please note:... (More)