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Jason Prosnitz
Executive Coach, Consulting COO and Product Manager at Large

TLC and Missing Parts

Thankfully, Patricia in support has been AMAZING, diligent and communicative.

These three features are top of mind:

Automation in scheduling meetings with google (and zoom) is bronken

With the connection with Zoom, a key feature has stoped: the ability to have the customer propose a time for a call. Once the customer accepts a schedule, an event invitation is sent to his calendar and my calendar. Until a few weeks ago, the invitation would go out with video call location, which is critical this days. As I am using google Suites, it was meet and it worked great. Now, the customer receives an invite without a link, neither to google meet or zoom. This means that I need manually to open the meeting and insert it, which... (More)

Francisco Luna
Director of ZEGA and Host of Podcast MUNDO EXPO

Integration of ZOOM with Scheduler

Hi everybody!

It's very usefull that it's possible to make a ZOOM call when we make an activity. 

It would be GREAT if this would be possible also when we use the Scheduler. Will it be possible in future?

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