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Zoom Meetings
Zoom Meetings

Schedule, start and manage Zoom meetings from Pipedrive to stay focused on selling.

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Zoom Integration - Zoom Meeting ID information does not match the Zoom hyperlink.

Zoom Integration - Zoom Meeting ID information does not match the Zoom hyperlink. Note the difference in the bold meeting ID numbers. This only happens when I initiate a Zoom invite through Pipedrive. From that I get complaints that people can not connect with the Zoom meeting. Says ID number is not valid. Who do I speak to about this? Pipedrive Support or Zoom Support. I like the feature but need to resolve this.  Guidance and suggestions appreciated. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Password: Ze8Qi3Gy3
Meeting ID: 747 8533 0064

Zoom Meeting Integration: Line Break Bug

I've installed the Zoom Meeting integration. It works very similarly to Pipedrive's Scheduler tool, but there seems to be a bug in the email it sends after a meeting is booked. The message a contact receives with the Zoom invitation details has all the line breaks removed and looks like one giant run-on sentence.

I've tried modifying the text that is sent in the preview, but this doesn't seems to help. I suspect some function is removing these characters from the text.

Here is what my Outlook Mac client renders (redacted):


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Meeting Scheduling

Hi there,

when I'm adding availability for meetings scheduling (Activities -> Propose times -> General availability), I would like to attach a Zoom link automatically - so that I'll be able to publish the meetings link on my website .

Once the link is published, every prospect that schedules a meeting will get a google invite with a Zoom link attached to the invite.

Any suggestions?