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Zoom Meetings
Zoom Meetings

Schedule, start and manage Zoom meetings from Pipedrive to stay focused on selling

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Meeting Scheduling

Hi there,

when I'm adding availability for meetings scheduling (Activities -> Propose times -> General availability), I would like to attach a Zoom link automatically - so that I'll be able to publish the meetings link on my website .

Once the link is published, every prospect that schedules a meeting will get a google invite with a Zoom link attached to the invite.

Any suggestions?

Link for webbmeetings.

Pipedrive has a superb function for creating calendar invitations to the customers from within the CRM.

Earlier before the new Zoom-integrations was implemented, when I didn't write a physical address, a Google Meet link was attached in the invitation to my customer. Now, If I leave it blank and doesn't include the Zoom link, I get no Google link, aka I can't make it a google meeting anymore from within Pipedrive, and that's my preferred system.

One of the reasons I prefer Meet is that we have SDR:s that take the first sales contacts and then book web meetings for... (More)