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Zoom Meetings
Zoom Meetings

Schedule, start and manage Zoom meetings from Pipedrive to stay focused on selling.

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Sales Meeting Ideas: Topics & Agendas to Motivate your Team

Sales meetings are essential for any sales operation. But too often they are seen more as a necessary evil than an opportunity to improve. Be sure to make the most of your meetings by effectively planning each meeting and motivating your sales teams. Your reps will be excited and ready to contribute to your sales meetings as a result.

Check out our definitive guide to sales meetings here, and you’ll learn exactly how to plan and prepare meetings that drive strategic results. We’ll show you how to:


  • Motivate your team
  • Yield productive insights
  • Generate new ideas
  • Get your reps to contribute to your sales process
  • Improve your sales forecasting


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Feature request: Calendly integration into 'Propose times'


I find it easier to send clients the Calendly link to book a call.

It would be great if I could open this pop up, click on 'Send Calendly Meeting Link' and it then automatically posts it into the Email box (saves me copy and pasting it each time)

Making a template dedicated to this is a workaround, but this solution makes more sense to me!

Creating meetings on behalf of your colleagues

My whole team are often booking in meetings with clients on behalf of other team members (acting as each other's PAs if you will) so it would be great if the Zoom/Teams meeting link could be linked to who the activity is assigned to rather than who created the activity.

Reuniões com mais de um agendamento!

Olá, é possível sugerir horários para reuniões em Zoom para mais de uma pessoa? Exemplo, quero deixar disponível todos os dias 14h30 para fazer reuniões de demonstração de um produto e que durem 20 minutos. Portanto é possível realizar essa reunião com mais pessoas, mesmo que elas não se conheçam. Como configuro no pipedrive para que mais de uma pessoa possa se inscrever em uma reunião já confirmada?