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Rob Grubbs
Rob Grubbs Posts: 25
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edited July 2022 in Workflow Automation #1

Is there a way to auto-number our deals?  PO numbering?  It is a pain to go back and check the previous deal entered to number the deal being entered--especially if the last deal entered is moved further forward in the pipline.


  • Boris Tsibelman
    Boris Tsibelman Posts: 946
    1000 Comments Third Anniversary First Answer Combo Breaker
    edited September 2020 #2

    You can run a zap [zapier.com] to auto number each one sequentially. 

  • Mike van der Valk
    Mike van der Valk Posts: 3,627
    2500 Comments 100 Likes Third Anniversary 5 Answers
    edited December 2020 #3

    @Rob Grubbs each item in Pipedrive also has and ID number which you can find back in the URL of the item. You could use that potentially since that automatically adds a nr each time you start a new deal for example

  • Larry Lieberman
    Larry Lieberman Posts: 8
    edited January 2022 #4


    You can write an automation rule to incorporate the deal ID number into a PO field.  I wrote on to add the deall number to the beginning of a title.  

    Notice below that all the deal names have a ID number in front of them,  This is automated.



    Under Deal Automation set this up



    Instead of you updating the title field you can add a custom field called Customer PO like i show below,  the result of what i have circled in red will fill the field with 202100  (if the deal number is 100)

  • Paul Downes
    Paul Downes Posts: 38
    edited July 2020 #5

    So I would have a deal set up for a client. However, working on that deal, I could possibly have 4 or 5 external contacts that I would like to be automatically linked with the deal without having to go into each person separately and link them. Will numbering them like above work or is there some other way?

  • Larry Lieberman
    Larry Lieberman Posts: 8
    edited April 2021 #6

    If you have a single deal that all these people are associated with you can go into the deal and on the left you can add these people.  then new emails coming in from those people will link to that deal (I think).  The problem I have is that i work on a lot of deals with the same people so I had to turn off the automatic email linking because it would like people to the wrong deals.  I link the emails to deal manually and if the subject line stays the same then I only have to do it once.    You give me an idea,  as i showed you above I put the ID number into the title, maybe I can setup automation to look for that number in the subject line of a email and then link it to the matching ID assuming the subject line is not already linked.