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Dear Pipedrivers,

I guess we all are big fans of linked emails to our deals BUT I for example have couple clients with who we work on dozens of jobs over the year.

If I link the new emails related to a new deal to that new deal all my communications disappear from the previous deal!!! This is far from ideal.

My suggestions here would be:

  • link emails based on email subject line
  • relink all new emails based on when (=> date & nothing before = no older emails) an email had been linked to a new deal and also stop those new emails showing up in older linked deals
  • the above only works when we do one deal at a time with a client
  • BUT we have sometimes 5+ simultaneous open deals with same client with similar or same contact person/participants involved for which a custom link to deal function might be required: like (email subject line + from the date of linking to a new deal)
  • or emails can be linked/unlinked individually

Would like to hear if the community has any suggestions for the interim + ideas for a feature suggestion therefore.


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  • Ed Stephenson
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    Or, Keep all email sent from within a deal in that deal forever. Incoming mail can be assigned to a deal and should also stay there.

    This is a HUGE deal (no pun intended).......

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Martin Pfeiffer thanks for bringing it up. We have a team working on emailing in Pipedrive and threading emails and linking them has been one of the hardest nuts to crack for sure and it's definitely not ideal yet. I'll make sure your comments reach our email team for future improvements on that front. Thanks again!

  • Matias Böhmer
    Matias Böhmer Posts: 1
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    HI @Mike van der Valk, any updates on this matter? At our company we include the Pipedrive deal number in every email subject, maybe this could help in linking emails to the correct Deal.