I have multiple customer (people) in Pipedrive, and multiple sales. I would like to map (and regis

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I have multiple customer (people) in Pipedrive, and multiple sales.

I would like to map (and register) the "knowledge level" of the relationship between each person and each sales. We can define just 2 level of knowledge. (personal level - professional level). Imagine 3 sales person, sales person X, salesperson Y, salesperson Z.

For the customer A I would like to say that salesperson X know very well customer A. - salesperson Y know very well, Salesperson Z know professional level How to map Pipedrive to accept this kind this information? Any suggestion?


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    Hi @Massimo Fubini 

    So I understand you have a set of customers, and a set of sales employees (Pipedrive users).
    Per customer you'd like to see which employees know this customer the best right?

    May I suggest using multiple option custom fields. You could for example create 3 fields called:
    - Customer knowledge: Very good
    - Customer knowledge: Good
    - Customer knowledge: Poor

    You can of course create more categories. But the point is that per custom field you then add all your employees as options. This way you can go on a contact person and fill in those 3 fields. Each field will contain the colleagues that have a certain type of knowledge about the customer. Hope it helps