Is Pipedrive a good option for us? About us – we are about a 30-person equipment manufacturing star

Erhan Ercan
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Is Pipedrive a good option for us? About us – we are about a 30-person equipment manufacturing start-up with B2B sales, long sales cycles (up to 6-9-18 months), and not a huge number of leads and/or customers (100s at most).


  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Pipedrive will give you a great visual representation of where your deals are at any given point. 

    You can definitely get lots of benefit from utilizing pipedrive in your organization. 

  • Dave Zwyssig
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    pipedrive is really perfect for sales. I recommend it.  


    (our company has only 5 sales people, but it works just as well for 30).


    Interface to bookkeeping/invoicing should certainly be checked.

  • Justin Stephens
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    Hey Erhan! I think it will be a great tool for you guys!! I work with a number of different OEM's and we have found PD to be a great way to track leads and keep things moving through the pipeline! If you want to jump on a call and talk through how we have it set up, I would be happy to do so!
  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Erhan Ercan , welcome to the Community, we're happy to hear you're interested!

    If you'd like to see a Pipedrive demo you can enroll one of our webinars here, you can watch on demand.

    You can also create a free 14-day trial account here and see what you think, no credit card details necessary. You won't need to put in all the data again if you decide to stick with us either.

    Happy exploring!
  • Bart Kohnhorst
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    As a general rule, the best CRM for you is the one that you and your teams actually use. I'd recommend picking a platform that fits with how you work and has the capabilities you think you need or will need. And then make it work for you.

    Most CRMs are veery adaptable and can be configured in several watys. You can also bolt on additional apps through integrations, and it gets complex fast, regardless of platform.

    With that proviso, and based on your description, I feel pretty good about Pipedrive for it's ease of use, active support and flexibility (come to mind rn)...