Is there a way to hide the "leads" tab?

Boris Tsibelman
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Is there a way to hide the "leads" tab?


  • Alex Stueber_2537
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    I don't believe you can do it from the app. But you might be able to ask the support team to remove the feature for you. Just curious, you don't like the leads inbox? I find it very useful especially if you are using Leadbooster.
  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Boris Tsibelman !

    I' afraid this is not possible, but I'd like to understand your use case a little better. Can you tell me why you'd like to hide it or where you'd prefer to see it?

  • ijoshdavis
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    First Comment's unnecessary for my work flow. Furthermore, I'd prefer to be able to arrange those links as I see fits my processes.

    Does that make sense?

    Also when you guys leave it on, it makes the product feel a bit "salesy" all of the time. To me cheapens the experience just a bit.